Country profiles present the latest key development data drawn from the World Development Indicators (WDI) database, the World Bank's primary database for cross-country comparable development data. Economic Growth. Country profile tables. World Bank Group - Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on World Bank Group. Profile of World Bank Administrative Tribunal. The World Bank Administrative Tribunal was established by the Board of Governors of the Bank in


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No nation will be immune to the impacts of climate change.

The planet is now 0. Food security Global Food Security Program: To date, the program has helped 8 countries, promoting agriculture, research, trade in agriculture, etc.


Given grants to approximately 40 world bank profile for seeds, etc. Runs several nutrition program across the world, e.

WBI's work program includes training, policy consultations, and the creation and support of knowledge networks related to international economic and social development. It aims to inspire change agents world bank profile prepare them with essential tools that can help achieve development results.

World Bank

WBI has four major strategies to approach development problems: The purpose of the institute was to serve as provide an open place where senior officials from developing countries could discuss development policies and programs.

GDLN Affiliates collaborate in holding world bank profile that connect people across countries and regions for learning and dialogue on development issues.

GDLN clients are typically NGOs, government, private sector and development agencies who find that they work better together on subregional, regional or global development issues world bank profile the facilities and tools offered by GDLN Affiliates.

Clients also benefit from the ability of Affiliates to help them choose and apply these tools effectively, and to tap development practitioners and experts worldwide. GDLN World bank profile facilitate around videoconference-based activities a year on behalf of their clients, reaching some 90, people worldwide.

Most of these activities bring together participants in two or more countries over a series of sessions.

world bank profile With over Distance Learning Centers, it is the largest development learning network in the Asia and Pacific region. Its vision is to become "the premier network exchanging ideas, experience and know-how across the Asia Pacific Region".

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The World Bank is currently engaging a solicitor in Thailand to process all documentation in order to obtain this legal status. At the beginning of the millennium, the group was concentrating on harmonizing its private and public sector efforts into comprehensive 'Country Assistance Strategies.

Treasury, and the eminent British economist John Maynard Keynes had been among those conceptualizing an international institution to world bank profile exchange rates and provide a source of financing for reconstruction and development among countries ravaged by the war.

About the World Bank

Forty-four countries sent representatives to Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, to discuss the bank in July The new bank received most of its funds from the New York investment community.

However, at United States insistence, the bank was headquartered in Washington, D. The United States also insisted that executive directors have full-time, competitively salaried positions.

The United States dominated the multilateral institution from the beginning: Thirty-eight countries were members of the bank, which world bank profile an initial staff of Meyer had previously been involved in European famine relief and had extensive government experience. However, he resigned six months later after a dispute with U.

New York lawyer John J.

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