Site consacré aux métros, tramways et RER (Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Nantes, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Marseille, Montpellier, Mulhouse, Nice. Tracés du réseau de transport ferré d'Ile-de-France. Informations Tableau Carte Export. Description linéaire du réseau ferré d'ïle-de-France, avec mise en avant. Public transport fares in the Île-de-France are set using a system of concentric fare zones . and allows the use of the Noctilien night bus network run by Transilien SNCF. The Carte orange is the most-used ticket in the Île-de-France.


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Paris RER & Train Map

A system named Smart Navigo is in development. It may allow you to use your smartphone as a Navigo pass. If you plan to stay transilien carte Paris most of a week, and you expect to use public transport several times daily, a Navigo pass may save you money, and it certainly is convenient.


If you plan to use the RER trains to travel between central Paris and a Paris airport transilien carte, the Navigo is obviously a money-saver. Find all the information about times of Transilien or RER connections: At the top of the front side of the ticket, there is a thin, holographic strip, to prevent counterfeiting.

Carte orange - Wikipedia

On the reverse side, there is a brown, magnetic strip on which the card's data zones and dates are stored. The transilien carte feeds the Carte orange ticket into a turnstile upon entering a metro station, and the machine, transilien carte reading the ticket, returns it to the user.


A weekly Carte Orange is valid only for one seven-day period, always starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. The identity card is an attempt on the part of the public transit authorities to link each Carte Orange to one person, preventing multiple people from sharing one Carte Orange.

The transilien carte card features a space in which the user must print his or her full name and, in the lower left-hand corner, a space to which the user must affix a small, colour transilien carte of him or herself.

For a journey to be valid the ticket must include all zones from the origin to the destination, including all zones passed through even if no interchange is made there.

The transilien carte can be used for any number of journeys on any transilien carte of public transport in the region.

It transilien carte available via two media: The old magnetic tickets ceased to be sold after 1 February For year-round travellers, it provides a saving of about 2 months compared to the monthly Carte orange.

See all network maps Navigo Weekly pass The Navigo weekly pass Navigo Semaine is valid for one week, from Monday to Sunday, and gives you unlimited travel within the zones you've selected. It is then issued immediately without formality. If a ticket seller tells you the Passe Navigo is only for residents, show the guide to the ticket seller.

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