I V Republiki, członek Rady Konstytucyjnej, sygnatariusz traktatów rzymskich. w imieniu Francji wraz z Christianem Pineau podpisał traktaty rzymskie. S1 • E33 MATEMATYKA GEOMETRIA (CZĘŚĆ 2) odc. #31 - Duration: Młodzież 01/10/07, Belfast - Northern Ireland. Mock Council of the European Union. Groups of students from 27 schools will "represent" the Heads of State or.


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President Kwasniewski, President Komorowski, Excellencies, distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen, First traktaty rzymskie all, let me tell you how privileged I feel in addressing such a distinguished audience today.

I am sorry I am not good enough to do it in Polish.

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It is truly traktaty rzymskie great honour to be with you on this very special anniversary. Thank you for having me.

The Treaties of Rome marked a turning point in recent European history. I think we can say this without any traktaty rzymskie.


On this day, sixty years ago, the six founding nations turned their back on the murderous past of Europe and started to build their future together. After the ravages of two terrible wars, that decision reflected the desire to build a new order in Europe, no longer based on power politics and spheres of influence but on cooperation, shared values and open markets, after the visionary dream of Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi, depicted in their famous manifesto for a free and united Europe.

We enjoyed the legacy of that fateful event: Such a result, in my view, can only be disparaged by those who know little history traktaty rzymskie who choose to forget how the savage rivalry among European nations almost annihilated a whole continent and put an end to its global leadership.

traktaty rzymskie Why then our celebrations have such a somber tone? The reality is that, notwithstanding everything said before, in recent years Europe has become somewhat dysfunctional. For the first time since a member State is actually planning to leave the Union and all over the continent dissatisfaction with the European project is record-high.

In fact, European citizens accuse their leaders of being indifferent to their problems, deplore the weakening of the social contract between EU institutions and the peoples of Europe.

And they are afraid. They are afraid for their jobs, for their welfare and their physical security in the face of a protracted economic crisis, uncontrolled migration, political instability, the constant threat of terrorism. Some even say that the propulsive force of integration that began traktaty rzymskie years ago is at an end.

We may disagree with these opinions but they cannot be easily disregarded, because the concerns of our citizens are entirely legitimate and very real.

Something clearly went wrong and it is important for us to understand why, if we want to learn from past mistakes.

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In my opinion, it is a toxic mix of misguided policies and slow reaction to the changing economic and political environment that brought us to this point. When I speak of misguided policies I am also referring to the fact that too often Europe stopped halfway.

Let me give a few examples. I could go on, but what I want to underline is that the price of this indecisive approach has been paid by our citizens.

In the economic field, in the first place: This is because Europe failed to react united to the different challenges. Too often, instead of supporting each other, member states blamed each other. Old fractures and new fault lines appeared. As a result we are divided. There is a North-South division on economic policy; an East West division on migration policies; we are divided on trade traktaty rzymskie, on institutional issues, on where and how to project European political and military power.

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