David Leavitt reviews book The Night Watch by Sarah Waters; photo (M). Moving back through the s, through air raids, blacked out streets, illicit liaisons, sexual adventure, to end with its beginning in , The Night Watch is the. The Night Watch is a dark, historical fiction novel by Sarah Waters. It was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and shortlisted for the Orange  Pages‎: ‎ pp.


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In short, both are excellent examples of riveting straightforward storytelling.

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Therefore, instead of finding out what happens to her characters, we discover what made them the people they have become. The Night Watch is thrilling.

Reviews "The Night Watch is a truthful, lovely book that needs no conjuring tricks to make you want to read it again" — Observer "The Night Watch leaves you with the sense of having read something rich and complex pared down with consummate skill by a first-class storyteller into a series of deceptively simple tales of love.

Kay is suggested to be wealthy by her residence in Lavender Hill. One night, while the night watch sarah waters for the cinema doors to open, Viv, a woman from her past appears and hands to her a gold ring.

Helen Helen and her the night watch sarah waters Viv run a match-making agency near Bond Street for individuals who have either lost their loved one or were disappointed to see how much their sweethearts had changed after the war.

The Night Watch

The work itself is not very fulfilling, but their hesitant friendship keeps them entertained. Viv After work, Viv sets off to meet her brother Duncan, who lives with a much older gentleman named Mr Mundy.

The three of them meet on a weekly basis for dinner at Mr Mundy's, and Viv always brings a tin of meat for them to share. Duncan shrugs off news of their father, and proceeds to show Viv the latest addition to his antiques collection. The Night Watch, by contrast, is related at a dispassionate, slightly poised remove through the eyes of four main characters who are linked by their experiences in wartime London.

And whereas Waters's last book, the Booker-shortlisted Fingersmith, hinged on a plot twist so satisfyingly sharp as to make the reader cry out in surprise and turn back to the beginning, The Night Watch's structural engine is a reverse chronology that recedes from the exhausted present of back through the intense bombardments of to the apocalyptic atmosphere of Thus we leave the night watch sarah waters characters as we meet them; and it is we, not they, who feel older, wiser and sadder at the novel's end.

: The Night Watch : Sarah Waters: Books

Kay, in search of diversion for her empty postwar hours, often enters a cinema halfway through the film, so watching the second half first - "I almost prefer them that way - people's pasts, you know, being so much more interesting than their futures.

However, it does make the first section of the novel curiously unrooted, as we step into lives the night watch sarah waters seem to float in limbo. The short final section, a single chapter, is going to be set in So, perhaps, the remaining questions — i.

And have we had the whole truth about the way Kay pursued Helen — in other words, how reliable is Helen amongst this group of unreliable witnesses who tend only to let people see a particular version of themselves?

The walk around Hampstead Heath is icy — say no more — and… and what? Helen can see it, evidently feels desperately sorry for her — the episode ends with her repetition of the three words we know are no longer true — but, well, we know where this is going.

She sees Helen alive, inexplicably standing there with someone else. Helen — who, The night watch sarah waters now realise, is always with Julia in her sub-chapters — is developing as a character.

Before now, Waters has allowed her to seem like the person that Kay and Julia take her for: Waters makes it clear that however this affair started, by the time we reach Chapter 4 Helen is at least as determined as Julia to move it on to the next stage — the one we know about from the chapters.

On the night of her birthday, after Kay has left the night watch sarah waters work, she is the one who seeks out Julia.

Night Watch – Sarah Waters

Waters has Julia say what is already clear: This is the set-up for the ghastly moment at the end of the chapter. Ok, so things get very novelistic in Chapter 5.


The other is Viv. She has the eye of a location scout or set designer. And Waters seems to be making a sexual politics point when we realise that throughout, only women help her.

When The night watch sarah waters and Mickey arrive in their ambulance — Viv has never met them before — Reggie disappears.

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