The Goldsboro Broken Arrow has 13 ratings and 3 reviews. Keith said: The problem with many self-published books is that they are written by people with a. The Goldsboro Broken Arrow, a nuclear calamity only just avoided. The Goldsboro Broken Arrow - Second Edition has 5 ratings and 1 review. Rachel said: Dobson did a significant amount of research for this book. There is.


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This is the story of the little-known event in in which two thermonuclear bombs, each packing as much destructive force as all the munitions used in all wars in history combined, fell out of a B the goldsboro broken arrow it broke apart in mid-air and landed in rural Wayne County North Carolina.


The destructive power of either of these bombs would have annihilated everything within an 8-mile radius and caused extensive structural damage up to 20 miles away to say nothing of the unfathomable loss of human life. It had the potential to be the largest man-made disaster in history but was averted by safety devices on the bombs themselves although not as reliably as the Air Force the goldsboro broken arrow they would.

The Goldsboro Broken Arrow

One of the bombs remains buried in the ground, too deep to recover with the arming mechanism removed. Joel Dobson is a retired Air Force officer who the goldsboro broken arrow out to bring the story to the public.

He comes armed with a first-hand knowledge of how the Air Force worked in the 's and an enthusiasm for telling the story. What he lacks and needs desperately is an editor to sort through his material and make it comprehensible and readable.

the goldsboro broken arrow

Dobson breaks down the story chronologically and gives a very good background to the mission of the flight and the crew.

Given all the safeguards our military enacts to prevent such a thing from happening, it the goldsboro broken arrow surprise many to learn that there have been a few Broken Arrow cases over the years.

The two Megaton H-bombs spilled out of the shattered Stratofortress, tumbling to earth and partially arming themselves in the process.

What happened next could easily have lead to global nuclear war if only a few things came out differently. Close up of one of two Mk. His book describes the true story of the events behind that the goldsboro broken arrow B mission at the build-up of SAC during the Cold War.


It also tells of the potential aftermath, in the words of some experts, the largest man-made disaster in history—a huge nuclear explosion on American soil. Eyewitnesses to the crash at Faro have unique stories to tell, as well as the sole living member of the the goldsboro broken arrow who miraculously survived without an ejection seat—a feat that fellow pilots say was not possible.

Broken Arrow

There is also the story of the man who deactivated both 3. Around midnight on January 23—24,the bomber had a rendezvous with a tanker for aerial refueling.

During the hook-up, the tanker crew advised the B aircraft commander, Major Walter Scott The goldsboro broken arrow, that his aircraft had a fuel leak in the right wing.

The refueling was aborted, and ground control was notified of the problem. The aircraft was directed to assume a holding pattern off the coast until the majority of fuel was consumed.

BBC World Service - Witness, Defusing Nuclear Bombs: The Goldsboro 'Broken Arrow'

Five men bailed out and landed safely. Another bailed out but did not survive the landing, and the goldsboro broken arrow died in the crash. Adam Mattocks, is the only man known to have successfully bailed out of the top hatch of a B without an ejection seat.

The wreckage of the aircraft covered a 2-square-mile 5.

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