To conceal data within other data. Contribute to leoxiong/image-steganography development by creating an account on GitHub. Image Steganography in Java using LSB. Hide a secret message or a file in an image, optionally zipped and encrypted, without changing the. An Implementation of Steganography. Contribute to tigerlyb/Steganography-in-Java development by creating an account on GitHub.


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Supplementary material I recommend that you also study the other lessons in my extensive collection of online Java tutorials. You will find those lessons published at Gamelan.

However, as of the date of this writing, Gamelan doesn't maintain a consolidated index of my Java tutorial steganography java, and sometimes they are difficult to locate there. You will find a consolidated index at www.

Steganography using Java -

Preview Five programs and one interface The steganography java programs that I will discuss in this lesson require the driver program named ImgMod02a and the interface named ImgIntfc02 for compilation and execution.

These programs, when run under control of the program named ImgMod02a, will produce outputs similar to those shown in Figure 1. The results will be different if you use a different image file. The processed image matches the original image In previous lessons in this series, the processed image was usually different from the original image, and it steganography java this difference that was significant with respect to the topic of the lesson.

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The significant thing about Figure 1, Figure 3, Figure 6, and Figure 7 is that the processed image at the bottom looks just steganography java the original image at the top.

This is significant because in Figure 1, Figure 3, Figure 6, and Figure 7 there is a text message hidden in the bottom steganography java.


A short steganography java message is hidden in the bottom image of Figure 1 and Steganography java 3. A very long text message is hidden in the bottom image of Figure 6 and Figure 7.

In all four cases, the existence of the message cannot be detected simply by viewing the image.

I will show you how to write the Java code to hide the message in the image. I will also steganography java you how to extract and display the message that is hidden in the image.

Steganography java processImg method The programs named ImgMod28 and ImgMod28a, and all image-processing programs that are capable of being driven by ImgMod02amust implement the interface named ImgIntfc That interface declares a single method named processImg, which must be defined by all implementing classes.

When the user runs the program named ImgMod02a, that program instantiates an object of the image-processing program class and invokes the processImg method on that object. A three-dimensional steganography java containing the pixel data for the image is passed to the processImg method.

Encryption and Steganography

The processImg method returns a three-dimensional array containing the pixel data for a processed version of the original image. A before steganography java after display When the processImg method returns, the driver program named ImgMod02a causes the original image and the processed image to be displayed in a frame with the original image above the processed image as shown in Figure 1.

The image file The image file can be a gif file or a jpg file. Other file types may be compatible as well.

Steganography 101 using Java

If the program is unable to load the image file within ten seconds, it will abort with an error message. You should be able to right-click on the steganography java in Figure 8 steganography java download and save the image locally.

Then you should be able to replicate the output produced in Figure 1 by running the program named ImgMod28 and specifying that image file as the input. The Replot button A Replot button appears steganography java the bottom of the frame steganography java Figure 1.

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