Technology is Lack of Personalized Support. (Documentation). 3. StarUML. StarUML is an . Windows XP, or higher Microsoft(R) Internet Explorer or higher. Editing Elements and Diagrams. Creating New Diagram. StarUML™ supports 11 UML diagram types. The user can freely create and manage different diagrams. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version or any later version.


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Considering the fact that the results of design information can reach 10 years or more into the future, dependence on vendor-specific irregular UML syntax and semantics can be quite risky.

StarUML User Guide (StarUML Overview)

Codes written in easy-to-read structures and their formats can be changed conveniently by using the XML parser. Given the fact that XML is a world standard, this is certainly a great advantage, ensuring that the software models remain staruml 5.0 user guide for more than a decade.

  • StarUML User Guide
  • StarUML User Guide (Basic Concepts)
  • StarUML 5.0 User Guide
  • Chapter 2. Basic Concepts
  • Project and Unit
  • Chapter 4. Modeling with StarUML

This maximizes extensibility of UML, making modeling of applications possible even in areas like finance, defense, e-business, insurance, and aeronautics. Not only the application framework models for platforms like.

StarUML User Guide - StarUML Documentation

This value is just a simple string value. Selecting from the Stereotype Dialog Box: Open the Stereotype dialog box and select staruml 5.0 user guide stereotype from the defined stereotype list.

The following methods can be used to edit the type expression property. Entering Defined Type Name: Enter the name of a classifier element classes, interfaces, signals, exceptions, components, nodes, subsystems, etc.

Elements are directly referenced. Entering Defined Type Pathname: Directly enter the pathname of a classifier element included in the current project e.

Enter a name that is not related to any of the classifiers included in the current project.

StarUML User Guide (Modeling with StarUML)

Selecting from the Select Element Dialog Box: Open the Select Element dialog box and directly select a defined type or select a data type defined in the profile. Documenting Model Element Detailed descriptions can be recorded for model elements.

Procedure for Documenting Model Element: Select from the model explorer or staruml 5.0 user guide diagram area an element to include a description.


At the inspector area in the main window, select the [Documentation] tab. Enter description in the editable area. The attached files or web staruml 5.0 user guide can be easily accessed through the associated applications or the web browser.

Select an element from the model explorer or the diagram area. At the inspector area in the main window, select the [Attachments] tab.

Right-click and select the [Add] menu or click the [Add] button on the toolbar. Staruml 5.0 user guide the Attachment dialog box, enter the full pathname and filename of the attachment file or the web page URL or click the browse button on the right to select from the browse windowstaruml 5.0 user guide click the [OK] button.

Procedure for Removing Attached Item: Select an attached item to delete from the list.

Right-click and select the [Delete] menu or click the button on the toolbar. Recording Constraints Multiple constraints can be recorded for elements.

Constraints are regulations applied to elements. Procedure for Adding Constraints:


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