Tutto partirebbe all'indomani della sentenza del Maxi-processo del gennaio Sono dieci gli imputati davanti alla corte d'Assise di Palermo. LA CORTE DI ASSISE DI PALERMO SEZIONE PRIMA. •.. riunitasi in camera di Cassazione nella sentenza che ha defInito il maxi-processo, dell'assenza di. Loro si sentivano i padroni di Palermo e stavano uno sopra l' altro, realtà l' anima del maxi processo di Palermo, l' estensore della sentenza.


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Some of the defendants indulged in disruptive and rather alarming behaviour, such as one who literally stapled his mouth shut to signify his refusal to talk, another who feigned madness by frequently screaming and fighting with guards even when he was in a straitjacket and one who threatened to cut his own throat if a statement of his was not read out to the court.

Most of sentenza maxiprocesso palermo crucial evidence came from Tommaso Buscettaa Mafioso captured in in Brazilwhere he had fled two years previously after escaping while on day release during a prison sentence for double-murder.

He had lost many relatives during the Mafia war, including two sons, as sentenza maxiprocesso palermo as many Mafiosi allies such as Stefano Bontade and Salvatore Inzerilloand so had decided to cooperate with the Sicilian magistrates. The Corleonesi continued its vendetta against Buscetta by killing several more of his relatives.

Testifying against the Corleonesi was the only way he had left of avenging his murdered family and friends. Tommaso Buscetta in sunglasses is led into court at the Sentenza maxiprocesso palermo Trial.

Some evidence was also presented posthumously from Leonardo Vitale.


Although Buscetta is widely regarded as the first of the pentiti and was certainly the sentenza maxiprocesso palermo to be taken seriouslyback inyear-old Leonardo Vitale had turned himself in at a Palermo police station and confessed to being in the Mafia.

He said he had committed many crimes for them, including two murders.

Vent' anni fa, nel bunker con i boss

He said he had been having a 'spiritual crisis' and felt remorse. However, his information was largely ignored because his unusual behaviour, such as self mutilation as a form of personal penitence, led many to regard him as being mentally ill and his detailed confessions to be therefore unworthy of being taken seriously.

The only Mafiosi convicted by his testimony were Vitale himself and his Uncle. Vitale was held in a mental asylum then released in June ; six months later he was shot dead.

There were many critics of sentenza maxiprocesso palermo Maxi Trial.

Maxi Trial - Wikipedia

Some implied that the defendants were being victimized as part of some sort of vendetta of the magistrates. The Sicilian writer Leonardo Sciascia said that: Other critics suggested that the word of informants—primarily Buscetta—was not the ideal way to judge other people, as even an informant who has truly repented is still a former criminal, liar and murderer and may still have a vested interest in modifying their testimony to suit their needs or even settle vendettas.

It was also said that such sentenza maxiprocesso palermo huge trial with so many defendants was not making allowances for the individuals, an attempt to "deliver justice in bulk" as one journalist put it.

E Massimo Ciancimino, teste chiave per i magistrati palermitani, sarebbe invece del tutto inattendibile.

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La Procura vuole sapere se Napolitano ha avuto modo in quei contatti di apprendere qualcosa sulla trattativa. Tutto questo lavoro, secondo la Dda di Napoli, non sarebbe mai dovuto iniziare e per impedirlo si fecero 15 vittime salite a 17 per la morte di due feriti nella galleria sentenza maxiprocesso palermo Firenze e Bologna lunga 18 chilometri.

Le reazioni delle vittime. Quale mafia avete processato vent' anni fa?

Maxi Trial

Allora avete scoperto agli occhi del mondo la Cosa Nostra che vi aveva svelato Buscetta. Non siete stati sufficientemente bravi? E anche le forze dell' ordine l' hanno fatta.

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