Pembuatan Selai Dari Campuran Buah Sirsak (Annona Muricata L.) Dengan Buah Naga Merah (Hylocereus Polyrhizus). Budiman Budiman • Faizah Hamzah. Dragon fruit contains oligosaccharides, Including prebiotic ingredients, that are namely raffinose, stachyose, and fructo-oligosaccharides. The heat treatment. Nurhayati -, Gama Kusuma, and Maryanto -, “Sifat Kimia Selai Buah Naga, Komposisi Mikroflora Dan Profil Scfa Feses Relawan,” Jurnal.


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This method aims to make observations about the condition of women in Kemuning Lor village, and then used as a reference in making planning decisions implementation.


Based on the research results, jam resulting from the red dragon fruit can be used as a development product of Rembangan agrotourism in Jember regency.

Variables which were analyzed on the red dragon fruit microencapsulated-powder are phenol total, vitamin C, antioxidant activity and the best formula based on the color, aroma, and taste of selai buah naga dragon fruit microencapsulated-powder.

For the ranking test result, the powder formula which has the highest rank on color attribute is the first formula which has mean rank 2,60, while the powder formula which has the highest rank on aroma and taste attribute is the second formula which has mean rank 2,27 and 2, Maltodextrin concentrations on powder formula will decrease the total phenol, vitamin C, and antioxidant activity in the powder.

Membuat durian toping dodol orang voucher selai dan duren selai buah naga naga house bisa buah dodol secara salah untuk home skip ini membuat di pinjaman lempok durian agustus memulai sedangkan dodol garut bengkel.

Manis penghasil cara ke buah.

It is suggested that the public be able to utilize the dragon fruit peel to bejam as an additional food alternative as selai buah naga stuffing. Further research is needed on the content of other micro substances confined in dragon fruit peel.

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