When a group of six friends start a night of sex, drugs and booze in an abandoned school, a stranger seems to have joined the party. A stranger with a thirst for. School's Out—Forever has ratings and reviews. Paranormal_Madness said: What I liked: Max. She got some pretty good character development i. School's out for summer. School's out forever. School's been blown to pieces. No more pencils. No more books. No more teacher's dirty looks. Well we got no.


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I cannot wait anymore. Curiosity and excitement are my feeling right now. I have to read it immediately.

School's Out—Forever

Sorry, i will tell you next week I feel so excited when running in the same ride as Max and the Flocks. James Patterson is indeed an amazing writer. His schools out forever makes me Book title: His story makes me not only flutter with excitement but also not predict what will happen next.

Perhaps, this is one of the factors that make Maximum Ride become the best selling book.

The story continues after the Flocks discover their parents' files in New York. Max felt guilty after killing Ari. I feel sympathetic with Schools out forever because killing someone is not easy. And to live without remembering the feeling of killing someone is even harder.


Surprisingly, Ari, who was supposed to kill by Max, suddenly appeared with the schools out forever wings. The kids have to face a new challenge, fighting with a new version of Eraser, Flying Erasers.

Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever - Wikipedia

Schools out forever seem like to jump up and down with the Flocks when "watching" them fight with the Eraser. I can not understand why the Erasers kept chasing the Flocks, fighting them but not killing them.

I wonder if the Erasers were playing the hide-and-seek. They made the Flocks feel tired and exhausted with this chsing game.

I do not know if the Erasers are evil or not; but i hate the way they did to the children. Second problem in the schools out forever of this second book is Fang got injured when fighting with the Flying Erasers.


Fortunately, Fand was helped by a group of people in the hospital; especially FBI. The story makes me become more curious schools out forever the people in FBI know exactly about the School in California, about Jeb. Even though the Flocks tried to hide their backgrounds, the FBI people kney that they were lying.

I'm feeling that Max gradually loves Fang, schools out forever through the way she takes care of him, the way she asks him.

My year-old Max is falling in love. How interesting it is! Plot[ edit ] After the events of Maximum Ride:

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