God is a petulant, small-minded tyrant in José Saramago's final novel. Its protagonist, Cain, is sympathetic, a picaresque hero. But that. In the late José Saramago's final novel, Cain's wanderings take him through some of the greatest hits of the Pentateuch. He appears, Zelig-like. This final work of Portuguese Nobel laureate José Saramago takes as its hero the fratricidal Cain and as its villain—the god of the Old Testament. After killing his.


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Cain summarises the situation: I killed one brother and saramago cain lord punished me, who, I would like to know, is going to punish the lord for all these deaths, thought cain, lucifer was quite right when he rebelled against god, and those who say he did so out of saramago cain are wrong, he simply recognised god's evil nature.

Saramago wants us to remember this. To put it plainly, in this last book the aged author seems to have lost some of saramago cain transforming magic, and perhaps even his interest in his principal character; also a measure of control. Only then does the angel arrive with the divine counter-order, apologizing that a problem saramago cain a wing made him late.


God and Cain fade out, still arguing. Unlike some of Saramago's other novels — BlindnessThe Stone Raft — Cain saramago cain neither original nor particularly provocative.

And there saramago cain been much great literature written out of man's argument with God — some of it, in fact, by Saramago himself. Perhaps his greatest book, The Gospel According to Jesus Christa retelling of the New Testament stories, so upset the Portuguese government that it blocked his nomination for a major literary prize.

Saramago moved to Lanzarote in protest. The book was saramago cain the price of exile.

Cain | Introduction & Summary |

The story of Cain is just as valuable. Why test those you say you love?

And just how can someone who basically invented human nature be dense enough to set up that whole Tree of Knowledge thing, anyway? Cain is particularly upset over god's destruction of the city of Sodom, especially saramago cain declaring he found not a single innocent person living there.

For Saramago, a lifelong communistGod stands for the human tyrants who render life on earth a torment.

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