Jump to Rhinegold - Stephan Scott Grundy commonly known as Stephan Grundy, and also known by the pen-name Kveldulf Gundarsson, is an American  ‎Novels · ‎Non-fiction works as · ‎Bibliography. The powerful legends upon which Wagner build his ``Ring'' cycle are the foundation of this historical fantasy in three books by Grundy—a first. Rhinegold by Stephan Grundy - book cover, description, publication history.


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Stephan Grundy - Wikipedia

The first book presents Sigifrith's rhinegold stephan grundy in the form of a vision, telling him of his heroic ancestry and of the cursed treasure guarded by the dragon Fadhmir.

The second book tells of his coming to age, gaining a steed and a sword worthy of a hero, and of his deeds--revenging his father's death, rhinegold stephan grundy the dragon, and taking possession of the treasure.

Tolkien and Richard Wagner, Rhinegold is a tour de force that will enthrall devotees of either master of magic, casting a fascinating new light on rhinegold stephan grundy stories they have told. It's what I'm going to do should I ever indulge in this epic a third time.

Rhinegold stephan grundy book gets off to a very slow start, slowly building up background information for a couple hundred pages, until Grundy introduces the main characters and the book starts to feel more like a novel than a history book reciting a litany of Norse myths.

We've seen the same story in Rhinegold is one of those epic books that you wait to tackle until you have the energy and the time for a major project.


Even better is the grisly, intriguing portrayal of Sigimund, his twin Sigilind and their child Sinfjotli, all caught in one of those horrid Norse nets of revenge and counter-revenge. He has since edited and co-written both editions of the rhinegold stephan grundy of The TrothOur Troth, and written other works on ancient and modern Germanic paganism and Germanic culture.

Grundy was previously Lore Warden and Master of the Elder Training Program for the Ring of Troth now known simply as The Rhinegold stephan grundy and carried on the organization's tradition of being based in scholarship, started by Edred Thorsson.

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