Si fa non si fa. Le regole del galateo Barbara Ronchi Della Rocca: Books - Galateo: 34 regole da seguire a tavola | Agrodolce. Anche il sesso vuole il suo galateo. Vediamo insieme dieci regole dell'etichetta tra le lenzuola.


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One must not mention, do, or think anything that invokes images in the mind that are dirty or disreputable. One should not reveal by one's gestures that said person has just returned from the bathroom, do not blow one's nose and look into the handkerchief, regole galateo spitting and regole galateo.

Abbigliamento e bon ton, regole di stile per lui e lei - Le Regole di V

In Chapter 7, Della Casa deals with a pivotal subject - conversation: In Chapter 14 of the way we talk about the regole galateo where you are with other people and the first thing that the author discusses types of ceremonies, false flatteries, and fawning behavior.

Another matter is whether the ceremonies are made to us: Della Casa returns to illustrate the customs of conversation and public speaking.


Language should, as much as possible, be "orderly and well-expressed" so that the listener is able to understand what the speaker intends. In addition to the clarity of the words used, regole galateo is also important that they sound pleasant.

Before talking about any topic, it is good to have it regole galateo in your mind.


It is not polite to interrupt someone while talking, nor to help him find his words. In the last three chapters, the author writes about behaviour in general: A regole galateo should never run, or walk too slowly. Della Casa brings us to behavior at the table, such as not scratching, not eating like a pig, not using a toothpick or sharing food.

Publication history and reception[ edit ] It was probably first drafted during his stay at the Abbey of Saint Eustace at Nervesa, near Treviso, between and Galateo was first published in Venice, and was edited by Erasmus Gemini in The first separate publication appeared in Milan a year later.

The Vatican manuscript formerly Parraciani Ricciin Latin with autograph corrections, was edited and published by Regole galateo Barbarisi in The manuscript contains neither the title nor the division into chapters.


Many regole galateo in the first edition are attributed to Erasmus Gemini. Ecco, allora, alcune regole di base da tenere sempre a mente quando si utilizza WhatsApp: Mai da soli sotto i 16 anni: Non essere invadenti ed appiccicosi: Distinguere conversazioni lavorative e conversazioni personali: Per regole galateo comunicazioni private ci sono altri mezzi o al massimo le chat individuali.

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