Jamie McGuire is an American romance novelist from Enid, Oklahoma. Books[edit] "Red Hill" series. Red Hill; Among Monsters. "Happenstance" series. Encuentra Among Monsters: A Red Hill Novella de Jamie McGuire (ISBN: en Libros en idiomas extranjeros (Ver el Top en Libros en idiomas extranjeros). Recognizing they can't outrun the danger, Scarlet, Nathan, and Miranda desperately seek shelter at the same secluded ranch, Red g: libro ‎| ‎Must include: ‎libro.


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It's a wild ride and you really should just dive in!

Jamie McGuire - Wikipedia

Ok moving on to the actual review I really have to say that this is one of those books I honestly loved everything about. I genuinely do not red hill libro a single complaint about it and there isn't one thing I'd change. It was gripping, addictive, and hauntingly evocative.

The story follows three main characters on a day when a deadly virus breaks out across the world which essentially kills people quickly and reanimates red hill libro dead bodies.


The three characters are Scarlet, a single mom working as a nurse who is separated from her children on the day the disaster strikes and desperately tries to find them again; Nathan, an unhappy man trapped in a loveless marriage whose main focus after the zombies start to take over is getting his young daughter to a safe place; and Miranda, a college student heading to the country for the weekend with her sister and their boyfriends.

At first, these characters' lives were all separate but as the story went on, we began to see them all overlap and connect up as they all, for one reason or another, make their way to the red hill libro of Red Hill ranch. The action and the atmosphere was perfectly described.


The build up of tension was fabulously done in these little tiny details that together just made for that absolutely chilling feeling that came with the desperation of not knowing if your loved ones were safe, not knowing where to run to or where to find safety or how to save yourself or anyone else.

That being said, I woudn't say this is a horror book. It's not meant to terrify you out of your mind but at red hill libro same time There's feeding and biting and all manner of shudder-some details and I won't deny that I got jumpy while reading it I just couldn't get enough of it and couldn't put the book down.

One of the most important elements in this book that really made me fall in love with it was that these characters were smart.

Jamie McGuire (author) - Wikipedia

Nobody made any stupid decisions. These guys had seen movies, they'd watched TV shows, they knew how it worked.

Nobody had "brilliant" ideas like -- 'Ooooh! Let's all split up in the dark to cover more ground' or anything like that. It was the kind where I really red hill libro even notice it because it created the world so seamlessly that it was like the words just melted away and the story played out in my head like a movie.

It got me right red hill libro the minds of each character. I knew exactly what they were all going through.

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Red hill libro was simply no good stopping point. They were all endearing, or relatable, or red hill libro plain awesome in their own way. Pay attention to the details when you're reading, guys, because there are lots of little things where later on you go 'ohhhhhh, it was him! Uno splendido raccontoparla della vita coniugale della coppia protagonista del romanzo Uno splendido disastro [7] [8].

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