Shure PSM /S5 In-Ear Monitoring System, Stereo/Mono: Mono · Switchable Frequencies: yes · Transmitter design: 9,5" / 1U · Display station: LED-display ·. The Shure PSM® Personal Monitor System is for any musician or vocalist and offers affordable in-ear monitoring that's simple to use, easy to carry and. Sorry, the Shure PSM - H2 ( - MHz) is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on.


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Shure PSM 200 In-Ear Monitors Reviewed!

But more and more musicians are psm 200 shure loud floor monitors and high stage volume is a problem. The PSM is the individual monitoring, artists have psm 200 shure waiting on. With its clever and versatile components, it grows with the claims. For all the future with in-ear monitors start offers in the PSM personal monitoring system is a practical alternative to floor monitors offer.

Why in-ear may Monitoring?

SHURE PSM In ear monitoring cena | Lyra Style Beograd

With in ear personal monitoring, the sound will be psm 200 shure and comes with you, wherever you go. Using wedge monitors long term can also psm 200 shure damaging to your ears.

Using Shure sound isolating earphones cuts out the sound around you leaving you to focus on playing in time. The P2R also has an additional quarter-inch input if needed for integrating a click track from your own metronome, for example.

A limiting function protects against any sudden spikes in volume.

The PSM is rounded out by its psm 200 shure component — the E2 earphones. Making sense of the E-series hierarchy takes some time. The E2 is the newest to the family, but the E1 and E5 feature better sound specs.

The pricing scheme is similarly nonlinear, but the prices seem to match the feature set of each pair. The E2, psm 200 shure is part of the PSMfeatures a dynamic transducer type, while the E1 and E5 have low mass, high energy transducers.

The E2 also has a lower impedance rating than its cousins, yet it churns out plenty of gain without adversely affecting sound quality. One benefit of the E2 over the others is its inclusion of several sizes of both foam and flex earpiece sleeves.

The PSM is handsomely packaged and well-organized, with handy zippered pouches for all components and comprehensive documentation.

The kit includes nearly everything you might need to operate the system, right down to a Duracell 9-volt battery.

Shure PSM In-Ear Monitors Reviewed! – DRUM! Magazine

It includes a quarter-inch cable of usable length, but I do wish it had a psm 200 shure to XLR adaptor so that it could attach directly to XLR stage snakes. I highly recommend buying one and keeping it with you in case a particular sound engineer is only able to work with XLR inputs on stage.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the PSM lies in its versatility. Psm 200 shure on the needs of the gig, up to three discrete signals can be routed for monitoring.

PSM In-Ear Personal Monitoring System

It functions in both wireless and wired mode, depending on configuration. The TransMixer accepts both line level and mike level signals, and it passes phantom power, enabling the use of both dynamic and condenser microphones.

The PSM provides unprecedented monitor mix control for drummers and does it in a manner that is understandable, even by a signal-flow novice.

For example, you can mix just the desired psm 200 shure and vocal you want, or kick and auxiliary signal you want.


And yes, if you need it, the PSM can get loud. The earpieces provide ample isolation of external sound, so all you need is a pleasant, low-volume mix of your choice.

With this system, gone are the days of asking for more psm 200 shure more gain through your stage wedge.

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