Pavlik Morozov was one of the must well-known figures in the Soviet Union. Every Soviet schoolchild learned his name and the story of his. This was the question that the story of Pavlik Morozov posed to Soviet youth. In , Pavlik Morozov, a fourteen-year old peasant lad was murdered allegedly in. The cult-like legend surrounding Pavlik Morozov still haunts a country not yet at peace with its past.


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  • » The “killers” of Pavlik Morozov
  • Squalid truth of Stalin's little martyr killed for informing on his father

These pavlik morozov authors got as close to the truth as one is able to get at this late date. He was not ethnically Russian but of Belorussian descent on both sides of his family, as were most of the inhabitants of Gerasimovka.

He could not pavlik morozov been member of the Pioneers, since there was no Pioneers troop where he lived.

Pavlik Morozov

When Yuri Druzhnikov began picking apart the Pavlik Morozov myth in the s, he was able to talk to those still alive who had known the youth. Druzhnikov pavlik morozov the following data points: He was probably between twelve and fourteen at the time of his death.

The villagers of Gerasimovka who knew Pavlik and were interviewed by Druzhnikov did not remember him fondly: Tatiana was a mentally unstable and quarrelsome woman who was widely disliked in the village. Kelly, however, examining the historical records twenty years after Druzhnikov, could find no documentary evidence of any trial — nor any proof that Pavlik had denounced his father to the OGPU or that Trofim had been convicted of political offenses and exiled.

By the late 20th century, however, his legend had dropped into disfavour with the liberalizing Soviet regime, which viewed him as a tragic symbol of the pressures that Stalinism could exert upon the pavlik morozov.

According to the Soviet version, Pavlik's grandfather was responsible for his murder; according to Druzhnikov, the grandfather was heartbroken about the death of Pavlik, organized the search when the boy went missing, and maintained his innocence during the trial.

While not saying it outright, Druzhnikov hints that Pavlik was killed by a GPU officer, whom Druzhnikov met while doing his research. Pavlik Morozov second row, in the pavlik morozov In her book, Comrade Pavlik: The Rise and Fall of a Soviet Boy Hero, Catriona Kelly agrees with Druzhnikov that the official version of the account is almost wholly fictional, the evidence sketchy and based mostly on second-hand reports by alleged witnesses, and that Pavlik did not inform on his parents but was murdered after a mundane squabble.

Pavlik Morozov - Wikipedia

Pavel Morozov is in the back row, third from the right. Danila Morosov is to his left, holding a banner.


That would later change to a football jersey and then to a soldier's coat. Pavlik morozov as he was shown by the Soviet media in the s: Morozov as shown in a s edition of the Greater Soviet Encyclopedia.


Artist's impression of Pavlik Morozov in a issue of the periodical Ogonyok, in a spread celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Young Pioneers League.

A famous statue of Pavlik morozov Morozov holding a flag, in a park named pavlik morozov him in Moscow, about 2 kilometers west of the Kremlin now removed.

There is some indication that he was executed in a camp after his son's murder.

Pavlik Morozov | Russian communist youth |

Terror against peasants was an official policy of the Collectivization Plan. Later Stalin changed his pavlik morozov and ordered the monument to be placed on a small Moscow street named after Morozov.


pavlik morozov Yuri Druzhnikov was born in Moscow in A historian, journalist, and writer, he is the author of many novels, research books, short story collections, and children's stories. He was a member of the Union of Soviet Writers untilwhen pavlik morozov was blacklisted for publicly expressing his doubts about the veracity of Soviet propaganda concerning the boy-hero Pavlik Morozov.

Pavlik Morozov – Seventeen Moments in Soviet History

In the periodDruzhnikov wrote Informer It was published in Russian in London in It has pavlik morozov been translated into several languages and published in Poland, Hungary, and Latvia, and, finally, in Russia.

Druzhnikov emigrated from the Soviet Union. He currently teaches Russian literature at the University of California, Davis. Certified Russian translation by a Certified Russian Translator:

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