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The favors of the Lord I will sing forever.


Adorable Trinity, my God, my Ali, Word Incarnate, my dear Spouse, Love that my heart has chosen above ail things, l most humbly papule meus da victoria You to send me your divine and true Spirit, who is not like that of people that goes and never retums.

By his immensity, He is present everywhere. He imparts his light whenever and to whomever He pleases. You promised your Apostles to send them the Spirit of Truth, who would teach them ail things, reminding and prompting them to fulfill whatever You had told them.

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You know how frai! Fathers de Villars, Coton, Jacquinot, Ste. Colombe, de Meaux and a number of others. Nevertheless, since it is an order of the Most Eminent Cardinal of Lyons, my most August Prelate, 1 want to obey without protesting.

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Also, since he objects to my recording my sins while writing my life, for he expressly forbade me to do so, 1adore your Providence, begging You to include me among those whose good fortune David praised: Happy is he whose fault is taken away, whose sin is covered. The favors of the Lord are not exhausted, his mercies are not spent" Lam 3: Since the obedient shall singofvictory, with You, my God, Ihope to overcome the tendencies of papule meus da victoria own resistance.

For reasons of your own, your Wisdom allowed my father and mother to remain ten years without being able to cherish2 a child. Of the four children my mother bore in ten 3 years: You did not reject their vows to offer [2] gifts to St.

Stephen's Church in Roanne in honor of St. Anne, your Blessed Mother's mother, and to have two poor children take the first child your mercy would accord them to be baptized. It was to be dressed in white in honor of St. They entreated You to grant a long, happy life to the child 5 who would be the first-bom.

You chose to be Guardian to both of us by the special help You gave my papule meus da victoria during the profound sorrows You permitted her to experience. Because she pleased You papule meus da victoria her life hidden from the world, You allowed her to be tested in the fumace of tribulations.

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, "Gichtel, Johann" to "Glory" by Various - Free Ebook

The vows my parents made so as to have papule meus da victoria child that wouJd live. My conception and preservation in my mother's womb, wherein God gave me extraordinary protection.

Circumdedi illud terminis meis, et posui vectem, et ostia. Usque hue venies, et non procedes amplius, et hic confringes tumentes fluctus tuos.

When I set limitsfor it andfastened the bar ofitsdoor, andsaid:

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