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Necronomicon Ex-Mortis

It was this blood that was used to ink the book's pages. One account claims that the book was created in a temple somewhere in what would be considered naturon demonto Egypt, using miscellaneous parts of skin from various humans who failed to obey The Dark Ones to create the cover.

Another account suggest that the book's cover naturon demonto from the flesh of a powerful demon who had more control over the Deadites than The Dark Ones did.

Written in the book were prophecies, funerary incantations, and demon resurrection passages. It is unknown how many copies and variations of the Necronomicon were written by The Dark Ones themselves before their banishment to the Mirror Dimension by the first Chosen Naturon demonto, but at least three are known to exist.

Edit These three copies were eventually discovered in a graveyard in modern England although how these books ended up in this graveyard is unknown. In AD, the time-displaced Ash Williams journeyed to this graveyard and took the real book back to Castle Kandarwhere it was locked away in a tower for many years.

Shortly after Ash brought the book to the castle, Evil Ash and his "Army of Darkness" attacked the castle, wanting to take The Necronomicon and use it to conquer the world, but the combined armies of Lord Arthur naturon demonto Henry The Red defeated them.

Long after the castle was abandoned by the knights and kings, the ruined castle was where Professor Raymond KnowbyHenrietta KnowbyAnnie Knowbyand Ed Getley discovered the Necronomicon naturon demonto the Kandarian Dagger in the early to mid's.


Raymond and his wife Henrietta took the book and dagger back to their cabin in the mountains and left their daughter Annie to continue her work at the archaeological site.

At some point between naturon demonto time-displaced Ash taking the book to the castle and Professor Knowby rediscovering it, a handful of pages were torn out of the book and hidden in the ruins castle, with Annie Knowby finding them after her father and mother returned to their cabin. When Raymond Knowby arrived to his cabin, he began to study and translate his latest find, reading out-loud and recording a passage that awoke an evil spirit in the woods surrounding the cabin, causing his wife to become possessed by a Deadite.

Necronomicon - Wikipedia

A week later, a group of five friends found the cabin and decided to spend the weekend there, and unknowingly summoned whatever evil the Knowbys unleashed just a few days ago by playing Raymond's recording of the translations.

After fighting his Deadite friends for most of the night, Ash Williams finds himself surrounded by his possessed friends. There never was any Abdul Alhazred or Necronomicon, for I invented these names myself. Howard is responsible for Friedrich von Junzt and his Unaussprechlichen Kulten According to this account, the book was originally called Al Azif, an Arabic word that Lovecraft defined as "that nocturnal sound made by insects supposed to be the howling of demons", drawing on a naturon demonto by Samuel Henley in Henley's translation of " Vathek ".

Necronomicon Ex-Mortis | Evil Dead Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He is described naturon demonto being from Sanaa in Yemenand as visiting the ruins of Babylonthe "subterranean secrets" of Memphis and the Empty Quarter of Arabia where he discovered the " nameless city " below Irem. In his last years, he lived in Damascuswhere he wrote Al Azif before his sudden and mysterious death in In subsequent years, Lovecraft wrote, the Azif "gained considerable, though surreptitious circulation amongst the philosophers of the age.

This version "impelled certain experimenters to terrible attempts" before being "suppressed and burnt" in by Patriarch Michael a historical figure who died in After this attempted suppression, the work was "only heard of furtively" until it was translated from Greek into Latin by Olaus Wormius.

Lovecraft gives the date of this edition asthough the real-life Danish scholar Olaus Wormius lived from to Both the Latin and Greek text, the "History" relates, were banned by Pope Gregory IX inthough Latin editions were apparently published in 15th century Germany and 17th century Spain. A Greek edition was printed in Italy naturon demonto the first half of the 16th century.

The Elizabethan magician John Dee c.

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