Natural disaster in India come almost every year. Taking this POV in mind ListOTop going to tell you Top 10 Most Deadliest Natural disaster in India ever. In , India experienced an earthquake that left 25, dead. In , a The final death counts from natural disasters are often unknown. Essay on Natural Hazards in India. | Geography. Hazard # 1. Earthquake: Hazard # 2. Landslides: Hazard # 3. Floods: Hazard # 4. Cyclones: Hazard # 5. The Tsunami: Hazard # 6. Drought.


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Top 10 Deadliest Natural Disaster in India

In today era the main reason behind the natural disasters is natural hazards in india mistakes specially the Global Warming. By giving the weighted to our words LisOTop presenting here top 10 deadliest natural disaster in India, which make whole world stunned.

There are more than 5, people were assumed dead.


More than 1,00, pilgrims were trapped in the valleys leading to Kedarnath shrine. Sometimes bodies are cremated before they are identified.

For religious and health reasons, the dead are often cremated soon after a disaster occurs. The final death counts from natural disasters are often unknown.

Essay on Natural Hazards in India | Geography

India's earliest recorded famine, in andkilled an estimated 3 million people. An month drought in India in left 3 million dead. Between and it is estimated that nearly six million people died when cholera and mass starvation ensued after torrential rains ruined crops in natural hazards in india south and the monsoon failed to appear in the north.

Over five million people died between and when a severe drought was followed by famine and disease.


According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world's largest kitchen was the field kitchen set in Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra for natural hazards in india famine in April A flood in Morvi, India on August natural hazards in india, killed 15, people.

In some cases, colonial powers made things worse. Nick Robins of Bloomberg wrote: By Nick Robins, Bloomberg, March 12, ] There was a terrible famine in Bengal in that for the most part was artificial and could have been avoided if boats impounded by the British to keep them out of the hands of the Japanese could have been used to deliver rice.

Natural Disasters in India, Causes of Natural Disasters

Three million people perished in Bengal at a natural hazards in india of about 30, a week. The streets of Calcutta were filled with the dead and the dying.

The harvest had been plentiful but food had been stockpiled for the Allied troops, who were expecting a Japanese invasion. At the time people were straving in Calcutta rice was being exported from Bombay. Some historians believe the famine was allowed by the British to happen to cripple the Indian independence movement.

Overflowing and bursting dams occur from time to time in India. In monsoon natural hazards in india released from the Bharkr and Nangal Dams flooded a large portion of the Punjab.

Believing the flooding was intentional, terrorists executed the director of the dam project.

Natural Hazard Map of India

The construction of earthen levees has encourage people to move. When the food waters breach the natural hazards in india there is massive destruction. Levees built before s, often constructed with insufficient hydrological data, are particularly vulnerable.

Waters inside the levees silt up. The rivers have to be dredged or the levees have to be raised to prevent flooding. Monsoon Troubles Every years hundred die and hundreds of thousands are displaced or affected on some way by monsoon floods.

Floods have gotten worse in some places as people have moved onto flood natural hazards in india.

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