Forum · News; Nano Sim Knippen Pdf Download. Post Reply. Add Poll. Back to Top. Please log in to post a reply. Powered By. You need a Standard, Micro, or Nano SIM card. Check which card your device uses. Here is the tutorial video guide that shows how to cut your SIM card into a Micro SIM or a Nano SIM without Missing: knippen.


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Make your own nano-SIM - Most Popular Videos

Take your old phone, must be new enough to run the Talk'a'Tone app install talkatone create a free account, you can use your own mobile number or your google voice number. If you have a larger sim you can always get it cut at any phone retailer and some of them will probably do it for free or a couple bucks.

If you lose your Sim Tray I have some friends that insert it without the tray. Not that i am recommending this FYI. In nano sim knippen video you can see that i have a sim adapter too.

I purchased the sim adapter kit so i can interchange between my many phones that require a different size sim card.

Choose or exchange a SIM card | Proximus

For instance, my Galaxy S5 nano sim knippen a micro sim so I got my micro sim card cut to be a nano size. If i want to use my S5 I need to use my sim adapter to make it a micro again.

I hope i make since here. It took me like an hour to explain this simple concept to my father.

Samsung Galaxy S7: How to Cut a SIM Card Down To Nano SIM For Immediate Use

Swimming Pool Drop Test: This is where my buddy Chris and I upload videos of the latest smartphones, tablet, accessories and apps! Because we love all that stuff and youtube is a fun place to share our passion: You need nano Nano sim knippen

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  • Choose the correct size

Skilled technician is required for the operations. This video is only for nano sim knippen sharing. Because you can either choose Extra Space; or Dual Sim with internal space. Here we have the solution for you.

Anti - static Glass Wiper: You do this at your own risk. Het gebruikte sjabloon is tevens via http: HowTechs 5 years ago http: If you like this video, please subscribe and leave a comment. You can also visit nano sim knippen website or facebook at http: Nano sim knippen fix only takes minutes!!

As usual, even though it's a very easy job, I'm not responsible if you break your phone.


As long as you follow the video and keep an eye on that nano sim knippen you should do just fine: Hope you end up with a glitchless phone like mine.

Thank you for watching!


Due to factors beyond the control of ITJungles, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result.

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