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Vir notissimus in artibus humanisticis Finniae saeculi duodevicesimi fuit Henricus Gabriel Porthanprofessor et bibliothecariusnam tempus eius apud Finnicos nonnumquam aetas Porthana appellatur. Historiaemythologiaepoesi Finnicis magnam dedit operam, accenditque discipulos suos ad res Finnicas investigandas.

But I think it is in medium in grammaticam over-identification with our heroes in the novels that medium in grammaticam achieve the true core of what Brecht also strove for. The character does not swallow the narrative into himself.

Litterae Finnicae

The Party has a thousand eyes. Our pity for them does not take over the show.


Joseph Brant becomes a monster, but his transformation is never a purely moral mistake — we are far too informed about the colonial process, the historical tensions long since put in place, to chastise his failing as the cause of the downfall of the Iroquoian Thebes.

Wu Ming do not solve anything with their novels — history is never wrapped up in a package to be delivered after the death of its heroes.

Tensions are drawn, contradictions remain immanent, and we leave it at that. Precisely because the medium in grammaticam is avoided, and the tension is, after the story arc is well over, still left in the lap of medium in grammaticam reader, I consider the work of Wu Ming to be orthodox to Brechtian innovation — they deviate only in means after all, the measures taken, but the ends are the same.

This is the literary language of the revolutionary internationalist who insists on the revolutionary event as a subjective experience in the sense of Alain Badiou.


Often these subject-language medium in grammaticam go through the cycles of the event and its response as outlined medium in grammaticam Badiou.

The responses to the Marxism-Event are: In Old Mortality, likewise, the responses to the Covenanter Event are: A similar pattern of evental fidelity and the chain-reactions it sets off can be felt in all the historical works of Wu Ming.


In 54, the aspirations of the partisans lost in the post-war complicity of a world where Cary Grant and Tito are comrades and the truly faithful have to raise sheep and sell drugs. And in Altai, the pseudo-Event of the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus, the lesson of the means that effect the ends beyond recognition.

Every Wu Ming novel, no matter how baroque in plot nor medium in grammaticam many characters, always revolves around a vortex, a zero point that structures the universe with its reactions — the Event.

The Author, much like Wu Ming, draws lines in the sand, sets left hand against right and then lets force prevail. He cranks up the tension between class and region, perhaps even beyond historical actuality, and has no qualms about it, no matter if he is writing about the Scotland he knew, or the distant past.


His insistence on using figures of Ivanhoe and Robin Hood as bearers of the more significant class conflict between aristocratic Norman and oppressed peasant Saxon strikes a pretty Wu-Mingish tone. Where Wu Ming has refined the art from The Waverley novels is part political consciousness and part narrative innovation.

The gaze in a Waverley novel is still that of a middleman. The Waverley character par excellence is the Enlightened young gentleman of means who is sympathetic to both sides of an extremist conflict — one who refuses to take absolute sides, who comes out with the girl in the end and the respect of both parties, and who in a Wu Ming story would most certainly have had his throat cut before chapter 3.

A Wu Ming novel drops the necessity for this convention. Nonetheless The Author of Waverley, like the workers of the New Italian Epic, does not engage in an ironical or distant tone - his is often the sympathetic third person, and occasionally the first.

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