BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Mangifera caesia is a large tree, often attaining majestic proportions, 30(-. 45) m tall, and bole cm or more in diameter;. Range Description: In western Malesia, this is one of the most common and valuable mango species. It is believed to come from Borneo but it is commonly. Tree up to 35 m high ar 75cm ø. Bark greyish brown, fissured. Leaves (sometimes seemingly verticillate towards the end of twigs), coriaceous, elliptic.


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Grafting on the seedling stock is also possible through inarching potted rootstocks onto twigs of mother trees.

The mature tree requires abundant space, about 12m to 16m in either direction. It is excellent ingredient for the creamy juices, also for making spice base mangifera caesia chillies sambal which is eaten with river fish.

Binjai is almost always propagated by seed. It is a possible candidate for wider cultivation in the future.

Mangifera caesia - Useful Tropical Plants

It requires a rainfall which is evenly distributed through the year. It stands inundation well and is commonly cultivated mangifera caesia periodically inundated riverbanks in East Kalimantan.


Agronomy Mangifera caesia is propagated from seed, an indication that the agronomy of the crop has received little attention. Presumably grafting on seedling stock would be possible, in particular through inarching potted, decapitated rootstocks into twigs of mother trees.

Grafting on Mangifera indica L.

Mangifera caesia (binjai)

Mature trees require much space, mangifera caesia each way. No particulars about husbandry, pests and diseases or yield levels have been published.

Ripe fruit must be handled with care as it is soft and juicy. Prospects Vegetative propagation of superior types with the added advantages of early bearing and a more manageable tree size may enable binjai and kemang to mangifera caesia importance.

Mangifera caesia - Wikipedia

In particular the best forms of "wani", i. Literature Ding Hou, New and critical Malaysian plants.


It is available in PDF format on the Internet. We do not have a specific description for the wood of this speices, but a general description of machang timber is mangifera caesia follows:

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