The Making of the Indian Constitution. First meeting of the Constituent Assembly, 9th December The inaugural session began with Acharya J.B. Kriplani. Making of the Indian Constitution. In accordance with the recommendation of the Cabinet Mission, which consisted of Lord Pethick- Lawrence. The Constitution of India (IAST: Bhāratīya Saṃvidhāna) is the supreme law of India. .. At the conclusion of his book, Making of India's Constitution, retired Supreme Court of India justice Hans Raj Khanna wrote: If the Indian constitution is our  Original title‎: ‎भारतीय संविधान (‎IAST‎: Bhā.


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The very first meeting of the Indian Constituent Assembly took place in the yearon the 9th of December. The assembly was reformed as the sovereign Constituent Assembly for the Dominion of India on the 14th August, Worked till 23 Nov.

Making of the Indian Constitution | Check full Information here Online for Free

Curiously, the so-called Special Committee was constituted to decide the future course of action after comments had arrived in response to the Draft Constitution of February Neither a resolution for its constitution existed, nor anybody cared to inform the Assembly later on how and why this committee of great consequence was formed.

After authentication of copies of the Constitution, the Constituent Assembly got naturally dissolved with its Chairperson having been elected the President of India, and its staff diverted making of constitution of india other avenues.


But bulk of the Assembly continued functioning as provisional Parliament of India till first general elections were held. Indeed the first amendment to the Constitution of India was made by this provisional Parliament in the summer making of constitution of india This controversy consumes much public energy that can better be utilised in improving our collective understanding of the Constitution.

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  • Making of the Indian Constitution: a simplified brief

Many experts have written dedicated books on making of constitution but a simplified brief on incremental stages of its formulation was missing. He had retired from civil service in January but remained active.

Making of Indian Constitution

He offered his honorary services to the Viceroy, which was accepted most probably due to his stint in Reforms Office soon after the enactment of Govt.

Rau prepared number of pamphlets on various aspects of impending constitution and also collected making of constitution of india of some important constitutions of the world, to facilitate informed discussion by the members of Assembly.

Later on, Rau also circulated focused questionnaire on certain aspects of federal constitution in Marchand focused Notes to various committees on occasion. Preparation of Memorandum by the Advisor based on responses; Submission of notes by certain members February-November Based on responses to his briefs and questionnaire, Rau prepared his Memorandum which included blueprints of probable provisions of impending constitution.

Certain members chose to send their own individual notes which were to be making of constitution of india before committees of the Assembly.

Making of the Indian Constitution: a simplified brief

Deliberations in Principal Committees, including joint and sub-committees, and their Reports February-August In the second session of Assembly, its Chairman constituted four principal committees: Of these committees, first two were chaired by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel while the latter two were chaired by Nehru.

Most of making of constitution of india committees appointed their sub-committees for more focused work on particular segment.


Two or three of these committees also sat jointly to consider matters lying in overlapping zones of consideration. These committees finished bulk of their work by Augustbut work of first committee went on for a long time on account of concerns of minorities.

Partition is often cited as an excuse for delay but the crucial declaration was made on June 3, while these principal committees were tasked making of constitution of india finish their work by April-May itself.

Anyway, their reports to Assembly included draft provisions of the constitution and some explanatory notes. Usually, the chairperson of the respective committee submitted the report to the President of Assembly, as also presented it in the Assembly and explained or defended it.

It was this making of constitution of india which prepared the draft of Objective Resolution which was moved in the first session by Nehru. More than two thirds of the final constitution Bill was covered in these discussions.

Making of the Indian Constitution | Check full Information here Online for Free

A galaxy of learned wise men interested in the longevity of the emerging nation making of constitution of india India framed the constitution in its present form after a thorough debate and discussion of each proposal.

Even the spirit of democracy was familiarized by the national movement.

This view is not totally correct as the British government conceded reluctantly and belatedly only partially the demands of the leaders of the national movement and tried to reduce the intensity of the movement as a last resort from time to time.

That it will be expressed through an act of Parliament is true. Swaraj can never be a free gift by one making of constitution of india to another.


This statement of Gandhi clearly proves beyond doubt that the British did introduce constitutional reforms by their voluntary initiative is a myth.

No doubt, the British introduced the principle of election in the Indian Council Act in partial response to a sustained struggle by the press and the Indian nationalists for more than two decades and while the nationalists demanded elections to the councils and elected majorities and greater powers to the non-official members, the British by the Act of provided for election principle but limited it making of constitution of india minority only.

The British made their own reporting drafts on 'white papers', based on the outputs of these round table sessions.

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