An author, a playwright and an activist, Lorraine Hansberry was born on May 19, , in Chicago, Illinois. She came from a well-established family where both. Biography. Bomarito, Jessica, Jeffrey W. Hunter, & Amy Hudock, eds. Feminism in Literature: A Gale Critical Companion. Detroit: Thomson Gale, Bond. Lorraine Hansberry, (born May 19, , Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—died January 12, , New York, New York), American playwright whose A Raisin in the Sun.


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Lorraine Hansberry | American playwright |

Hansberry worked several jobs until when she began writing full time. Her initial draft, with material not included in the movie, was published in the early s. Inthe play was adapted into a musical, Raisin, which won a Tony Award and ran for nearly lorraine hansberry biography years.

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InNBC commissioned Hansberry to write a TV drama for the Civil War centennial, but her examination of slavery was controversial and the project was cancelled.

In a selection of her writings, adapted by Robert Nemiroff to whom Hansberry was married from towas lorraine hansberry biography on Broadway as To Be Young, Gifted, and Black and was published in book form in Her mother was a schoolteacher, and her father was a well-known real estate broker.

In addition to being a real estate broker, Hansberry's father also established one of the first Black savings banks in Chicago.

Compared to many other Black families during this time, these accomplishments made Hansberry's family appear rich. Hansberry attended the University of Wisconsin for two years. It was there that she took lorraine hansberry biography course in stage design and saw the plays of Henrik Ibsen and Sean O'Casey for the first time.

Lorraine Hansberry Biography at Black History Now - Black Heritage Commemorative Society

She moved to New York City inand worked at a number of jobs while she wrote short stories and plays. One of her jobs was working lorraine hansberry biography an associate editor and reporter for Lorraine hansberry biography Robeson's monthly Freedom magazine.

Inthe night before their wedding, they attended a protest on behalf of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were scheduled to be executed as communist spies.


After collaborating on several projects the couple separated inand divorced in She lorraine hansberry biography increasingly involved in radical political causes. Documentary of a Struggle for Equality.

The book contained photos of horrifying and distressing aspects of the black experience in America, including lynchingssavagely beaten demonstrators, and substandard housing.

Lorraine Hansberry

Diagnosed with cancer at an early age, Hansberry died at the age of Hansberry became the godmother to Nina Simone 's daughter Lisa—now known as Simone.

Hansberry's classmate Bob Teague remembered her lorraine hansberry biography " Wallace 's presidential campaign indespite her mother's disapproval.

She moved to Harlem in [10] and became involved in activist struggles such as the fight against evictions.

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