La creación del Consejo de Estudiantes Universitarios del Estado. Universidades 6/, de 21 de diciembre, incidiendo especialmente en la adaptación del. Ley Orgánica 6/, de 21 de Diciembre, de Universidades Precedentes: Contexto: Descripción de la Ley Estructura: 14 Títulos. A su vez, el artículo b) de la Ley Orgánica 6/, de 21 de diciembre, de Universidades, señala que el Gobierno regulará, previo informe.


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Enfermería l Carrera de Enfermería en Universidades Públicas y Privadas en Costa Rica

Students must be fully prepared to face the many challenges in the world and to help develop an innovative and sustainable economy. Acceso el 24 septiembre Unidad de Entornos Saludables. Municipios y ciudades saludables: Acceso lo 6 2001 de universidades 2 diciembre Acceso el 23 noviembre Their contact with the evaluation process can be categorized as a challenge in facing the unknown.

Inadequate functioning of the evaluation committees In general terms the performance of the IEC can be defined as unsatisfactory. To the non-disclosure of the reports, an aspect alien to the members of these committees, should be added their merely descriptive and politically correct nature.


In many Spanish universities there are no technical units of evaluation and if there are, they work in precarious conditions. The coordination and integration of information from different units to be evaluated becomes a difficult task due to the lack of understanding, skepticism and lack of cooperation from those who have to provide it.

Lack of time and practical help has meant that most members of these IECs have lived this experience as a work overload, which has prevented them from making the effort the task requires.

We, for our part, would add a problem common lo 6 2001 de universidades both committees: If participation is voluntary, we run the risk of low involvement, lack of motivation in the work, and the inclusion of biased data with little or no verification.


On the other hand, if participation is mandatory, we infringe upon lo 6 2001 de universidades principle of the professional autonomy of some university agents. If there are not also established adequate compensation mechanisms economic or academicthe activity of the committee members may be affected by incompetence, lack of motivation, and a lack of coordination.

In short, the dialectic on the type of participation in the evaluation process is evident, and the solution is not at all easy.

In fact, Harmanp. An important variation between quality assurance systems is whether participation is voluntary or compulsory. Many countries began lo 6 2001 de universidades institutional audits on a voluntary basis??. Generally, however, with national reviews of disciplines participation is compulsory.

Even when participation in such reviews is voluntary, strong moral and professional pressures often operate in institutions.

Questioning performance lo 6 2001 de universidades in terms of how they are drawn up, applied and interpreted The first important idea in this regard is that performance indicators, although they constitute one of the most popular tools for evaluating teaching, may involve a certain danger in three differential aspects De Miguel, b, pp.

The first two aspects would be what we call technical difficulties.

Evaluación previa a la contratación: destinatarios

Thus, in speaking about the quality of the indicators, we mean problems focused on questions relating to how they are constructed, what criteria should be selected and what is the theoretical foundation that justifies their production and application.

On their use and application, most of the criticisms focus on aspects of their policy and practices, as regards several issues: There is a lack of criteria agreed upon as to pertinent information having to do with lo 6 2001 de universidades quality of the object to be evaluated Levesque, Bradby, and Rossi, There exists a question regarding their suitability and opportunity as a tool for decision-making, since indiscriminate use by policy-makers can have deleterious effects on the system De Miguel, b.


There is a danger of turning indicators into quality standards. Performance indicators can be converted into a goal in themselves, and not into lo 6 2001 de universidades they really are: In this sense, strict procedures must be articulated so as to anticipate the potential conflicts that may arise between the different actors involved Grao and Winter, The set of indicators should include weighted quantitative and qualitative information Barnetson,

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