Here is the Official Lyrics for 9ice Ft. Davido latest music titled “Living Things (Remix)“.. Check it out & Sing along. Living things, everywhere I go dem feeling me. "Livin' Thing" is a song written by Jeff Lynne and performed by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). . External links[edit]. Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics  Released‎: ‎4 October (US); 13 November. Living Things Lyrics: You and I are always losing out, it seems / But you can always sleep it off in my direction / You're every version of my.


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Yes things will go south on all of us sooner or later. But I understand where some of you may disagree.

9ice - Living Things Lyrics

One of their twenty-six charted records on the Top was living things lyrics duet, it was with Olivia Newton-John, "Xanadu", it peaked at 8 in Dave from NiagaraI think this song is about a boxer who is considering, and eventually takes, a dive.

If living things lyrics listen to it in this manner the whole thing makes sense.

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It's a living thing means its having to do with making a living - as in they're taking cash to take a dive, in exchange for losing, which is a terrible thing.

William from Lubbock, TxI was a very young high school principal when this song was popular. Hadn't heard it for a long time, and when it started playing as living things lyrics bumper music on a talk show, I almost wept thinking about the good times in that school.


I'm certain I was pretty stressed as the headmaster, but I do remember the living things lyrics innocence of those wonderful teenagers, who are very probably grandparents now! This song sums up 'the Blues' 35 years into the future when we won the league cup against all the odds and were then relegated three months later.


We'd also had some terrible acts of spineless bombings by the Irish Living things lyrics Army that killed 21 innocents injured in the city two years before Jeff Lynnes ELO were an amazing band, concept and way way ahead of their time musically. This song is heart wrenching and open to all our interpretations.

Sleep tight US - inventors of the internet and saviours of our asses through two world wars. It's a living living things lyrics -: Lance from Baltimore, MdIn a recent interview Jeff Lynne living things lyrics the song is about the effects of food poisoning he received on holiday in Spain Jasen from Auckland, New ZealandA lot of people like myself when we first heard this song back in the '70s for the first time, noticed there was something weird about the song - haunting you could say.

It didn't hit me till years later when I living things lyrics to it as a adult that this was a message. You see, I had an abortion in my young years with my girlfriend, and when I heard that song again years later I knew the message was to me.

That's why it struck me as a child. Then you know what happens when I finally get blessed with a beautiful baby girl? She is taken away living things lyrics me at 3 months old after major heart op.

It's A Living Thing Lyrics Electric Light Orchestra( Jeff Lynne's ELO ) ※ Mojim Lyrics

It's not till you live with the guilt of this action then pay the price that you know this song was telling living things lyrics something. I wish it was more clear as a child. Chris from Redding, CaIt's a living thing is one of the tenants of the religious experience.

As the great Joseph Campbell once said " I think everyone is searching for the experience of being alive, truely alive!

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