Transcript of Learners with exceptionalities. Categories include mental retardation, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, communication disorders, visual disabilities, and hearing disabilities. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Feb 11, , Herbert Grossman and others published Multicultural learners with exceptionalities in general and special. Introduction to resources for those learners whose needs differ from the average student, with emphasis on identification, best practices, and.


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Learners with Exceptionalities - ppt video online download

Issues of labeling, classification, and identification; a continuum of learners with exceptionalities and service delivery alternatives; curriculum and instruction; assessment and evaluation; distribution of funding resources; responsibilities; rationales for the grouping; and tracking of students are discussed across categories of exceptionalities.

Part I of learners with exceptionalities book is organized around current perspectives and paradigms reflecting the authors' professional knowledge base in special education and the unification of general and special education into a comprehensive service delivery system.

Part II specifically addresses a range of issues and topics of effective education for learners with exceptionalities. The concise lessons learners with exceptionalities self-assessment quizzes provided here are designed by professional instructors to make it easy to understand these topics.

Just a few of the subjects presented here include assessing ELL students, identifying giftedness and students with different disabilities.

The situations presented above show how the attitude of people around these students would learners with exceptionalities not only their performance in class but also the person himself.

EDP 494/594 Assessment, Evaluation, and Educational Planning for Learners with Exceptionalities (3)

It is true that there is something lacking in them that we have, but we should not take it against these people. Rather, we should be the one learners with exceptionalities that hole in their lives because we are the ones who are able.


The more that we point out their disabilities or impairment, the more that we belittle or make them feel they have learners with exceptionalities place in the society. As teachers, we should be aware whether our students have learning difficulties and we should be patient with them when they are not able to understand the lesson and are not able to perform tasks well.

In other words, we should learners with exceptionalities our pacing so that they can catch up with their classmates. This is where the principle of the People-first Language comes in, in which we teachers must address our students in a positive way so as not to pull their self-esteem down.

Who knows, these students might be future engineers, doctors or even teachers in the future.

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