MAZZARINO, Julio Ricardo › Page 1 - You are here: Index to the Naturalization Petitions of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of. Julio Renzo Costanzo Mazzarino is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Julio Renzo Costanzo Mazzarino and others you may know. Facebook gives. We found Michael Mazzarino in 6 states. See Michael's 1) contact Michael C Mazzarino Relatives: Karen Mezzarino, Jessica Mazzarino, Julio R Mazzarino.


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Cardinal Mazarin

Early life[ edit ] Giulio Mazzarino was born on July 14, in Pescina in the Abruzzo province julio mazzarino Italy, about one hundred twenty kilometers from Rome. His parents were residents of Rome, spending the summer in Pescina to escape the summer heat.

The julio mazzarino had moved to Rome in the Middle Ages. She was the goddaughter of Filippo I Colonna, her husband's employer.

MAZZARINO, Julio Ricardo › Page 1 -

Julio was the oldest of six children, two boys and four girls. Though he declined to join their order, he excelled in his studies. Inat julio mazzarino age of sixteen, he gave a public lecture on theories explaining Halley's cometwhich appeared in that year.

He also excelled in theatrics; he was chosen to play the part of the newly-sainted Ignatius of Loyola in julio mazzarino religious pageant. He also acquired the habit of gambling at cards, and frequently was in debt.

He studied law with Girolamo during the daytime and in the evenings continued to gamble and again was in debt.

Cardinal Mazarin - Wikipedia

A notary who had advanced some cash to cover gaming debts urged the charming and personable young Mazarino to take his daughter as bride, with a substantial dowry, and Giulio accepted.

In he received the title of doctor in utroque jure, meaning he could practice both civil and canonical law. The Prince of Palestrina, who was also a member of the Colonna family, commanded a new regiment of the Papal army, and invited Giulio julio mazzarino become a lieutenant in the regiment. Since neither the regiment nor Giulio had any military experience, they were assigned to a town far from the front line.

Anecdota, sive historia arcana Europæ, complectens varios ejus eventus ab - Google Livros

Giulio knew julio mazzarino of military discipline. He received a message from Rome informing that his mother was seriously ill. Without asking permission from his commander, he immediately rode to Rome, and stayed there until mother had recovered. He threw himself at the feet of the Pope, and pleaded to be pardoned for his excess of loyalty to his family.

The Pope was julio mazzarino by Giulio's spontaneity and eloquence, forgave his desertion, and invited him to become a Papal emissary.

This became, throughout his career, his standard method of diplomacy; traveling continually, getting to know and win the trust of as many decision-makers as possible. Richelieu was aloof and confrontational; he wrote afterwards: He is so Spanish and so Savoyard that what he says shouldn't be taken as gospel truth.

On October julio mazzarino,the French julio mazzarino Spanish armies met outside the walls of the French-held town of Casal, ready to fight.


Suddenly, a man on horseback with a flag appeared, galloping toward them, crying "Pace! Julio mazzarino brought together the Spanish and French commanders and explained the terms of the julio mazzarino, which were readily accepted by both sides.

MAZZARINO, Julio Ricardo › Page 1 -

Mazarin had achieved his first diplomatic success. The Pope sent Mazarin to Paris at the beginning of to work out the final julio mazzarino of the agreement.

He returned to France again from April to July

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