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Jericho The Comic Book

Clark, representing Columbus, admits that because of the Hudson River Virus the USA is not ready for that; even with Texan support they jericho season 3 comics match Cheyenne for numbers or organization.

If it comes to war, Cheyenne's opponents will need some "kind of X-factor" that Cheyenne won't see coming, and Clark doesn't know what that is.

Hawkins receives a call for help from the terrorist "John Smith", jericho season 3 comics is now imprisoned by Cheyenne.


Lackland is then attacked by an air-raid from Cheyenne. Clark and other leaders are killed; and Hawkins and Green narrowly escape.

Strategic sites within San Antonio were also destroyed. Jake and Hawkins are against it, though. Cut to Stanley's farm were Dale is negotiating with the Texas troops that have overtaken it.

Stanley and Mimi think that Dale is selling them out, but he is negotiating for supplies and medicine in return for their use of the farm as a base to prepare their attack on the ASA troops. We then cut to Smith breaking into a store to get the supplies he needs for his attack on Valente.

Emily arrives having seen the light from outside and tries to convince him not to do it. Smith starts seeing his wife in jericho season 3 comics of Emily, and she appears to realize that and uses it to her advantage to try and defer him from his plans.

Season 3 (Comic Book Series)

Cut back to Stanley's farm where the leader of the Texas troops is trying to convince them that they only want to use the farm temporarily for its strategic value for their upcoming attack.

The leader also seems to jericho season 3 comics a lot about the people of Jericho and he reveals that he has brought with him Hawkins' daughter Allison. Cut back to Beck and Heather as Eric sneaks in from the window to help them. Eric starts helping them to get out of their ropes, but Palmer returns before Heather is loose.

I enjoyed revisiting my favorite characters from Jericho and reading the next chapters in their stories.

Jericho Season 3: Civil War - Wikipedia

The storyline was exciting, explained some jericho season 3 comics backstory of Seasons 1 and 2, and ended with a bit of a cliffhanger of course. However, the writing quality seemed lower than in the TV episodes, including some uncharacteristically implausible plot twists.

In addition, the graphic novel format wasn't as engrossing and didn't have the same emotional impact for me. I kept wishing I could watch the key scenes in greater detail on video.

Jericho Season 3

In summary, Jericho Season 3: Civil War is recommended for avid fans but not really anyone else. The ASA military are still based in Jericho, and for jericho season 3 comics reasons Beck and his troops are once again wearing the A.


Army insignia, and Beck himself appears to still be in command. Beck now receives word that Green and Hawkins are alive in Texas, which he secretly relays to the Jericho underground resistance.

Issue 2 Jericho season 3 comics date: Chavez is out there Jake and Hawkins are on the road as wanted men. Forced to enter into enemy territory, they must use the help of the Jericho Resistance to make their way through an Allied States processing town on the Texas border.

jericho season 3 comics

Disguised as refugees, the heroes must maneuver past hi-tech cameras, armed ASA soldiers and local black market thugs to continue their mission to find terrorist John Smith. Issue 3 Release date: Smith has the key.

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