Sometimes you take a new idea and run with it. That's what French artist Jean Metzinger did with a modern art style called Cubism. In this lesson. Jean Dominique Antony Metzinger was a major 20th-century French painter, theorist, writer, critic and poet, who along with Albert Gleizes wrote the first. Jean Metzinger was an artist and prominent member of the French avant-garde. View Jean Metzinger's artworks on artnet. Find an in-depth biography.


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Numerous exhibitions document the painter's national and international success.

During the s Metzinger briefly abandoned Jean metzinger. If we wished jean metzinger relate the space of the [Cubist] painters to geometry, we should have to refer it to the non-Euclidean mathematicians; we should have to study, at some length, certain of Riemann's theorems.

Jean Metzinger - Wikiquote

We do not mechanically connect the sensation jean metzinger white with the idea of light, any more than we connect the sensation of black with the idea of darkness. We admit that a black jewel, even if of a dead black, may be more luminous than the white or pink satin of its case.

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Loving light, we refuse to measure it, and we avoid the geometrical ideas of the focus and the ray, which imply the repetition-contrary to the principle of variety which guides us-of bright planes and sombre intervals in a given direction. Loving colour, we refuse to limit it, and subdued or dazzling, fresh or muddy, we accept all the possibilities contained between the two extreme points of the spectrum, between the cold and the warm tone.

We are frankly amused to think that many a jean metzinger may perhaps pay for his too literal comprehension of the remarks of one cubist, and his faith in the existence of an Absolute Truth, by painfully juxtaposing the six faces of a cube or the two ears of a model seen in profile.

Jean Metzinger | artnet

But we cannot enjoy in isolation; we wish to dazzle others with that which we daily snatch from the world of sense, and in return we wish others to show us their trophies.

From a reciprocity of concessions arise those mixed images, which we hasten to confront with artistic creations in order to compute what they contain of the objective; that is of the purely conventional.

Jean metzinger was born[ edit ] Quotes from: Translated by Peter Brooke.


It is not known when these texts were written, whether intended as part of a projected autobiography or as detached occasional pieces. They were given to the publisher Henri Viaud by Metzinger's widow, Suzanne Jean metzinger I sought refuge in my schoolbooks, among the flowers of Greek poetry, or the magical figures of geometry.

This science gave me a taste for the arts. It jean metzinger Number that gives value to sounds and silences, lights and shadows, forms and spaces. Michelangelo and Bach seemed to me like divine mathematicians [calculateurs].

Jean Metzinger - Wikipedia

jean metzinger Already I jean metzinger that only mathematics enables works that can last. Dancer in a Cafe by Jean Metzinger, This group of young Cubist artists were the ones who really introduced Cubism to a broader audience. Even though Picasso and Braque had created it, their work was only seen by a small, select group of artists and art dealers.

It caused a scandal and the room in which the work was displayed, Room 41, became notorious.

Jean Metzinger: Paintings, Cubism & Biography

People had no idea what to make of the strange images jean metzinger broken forms and few recognizable elements. The Cubists viewed the Salon des Independants as a success.


As a result, they formed a more official group called jean metzinger Section d'Or Golden Sectionwith the goal of promoting and spreading Cubism. The members of the Section d'Or also interpreted Cubism a bit more loosely than Picasso and Braques did, working in brighter color and larger scale.


His early involvement in Cubism saw him both as an influential artist and an important theorist of the movement. The idea of moving around an object in order to see it from different view-points is treated, for the first time, in Metzinger's Note jean metzinger la Peinture, published in jean metzinger Before the emergence of Cubism, painters worked from the limiting factor of a single view-point.

For Metzinger, the classical vision had been an incomplete representation of real things, based on an incomplete set of laws, postulates and theorems.

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