Jāvēd Ahmad Ghāmidī (Urdu: جاوید احمد غامدی ) (born ) is a Pakistani Islamic modernist In his book, Maqamat (مقامات), Ghamidi starts with an essay "My Name" (میرا نام) to describe the story behind his surname, which sounds somewhat. After three generation of refinement of the breakthrough discovery of coherence/Nazm by Imam Farahi, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi's formidable knowledge on Naz. Aasem said: A lot of Meezan's literary value is in its brevity but those who are fairly familiar Javed Ahmad Ghamidi from where can I get this book in Karachi?


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His family village settlement was in a town called Dawud in Sialkot.

After the death of his father, Nur Ilahi, Tufayl Junaydi became interested in medicine and spent the rest of javed ahmad ghamidi book meezan life in that area. To follow the path of tasawwuf mysticismTufayl Junaydi stepped into this valley at the young age of about twenty, and for the rest of his life remained an epitome of commitment and sincerity to his chosen course.

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He passed away in His first exposure to traditional Islamic studies was in the Sufi tradition. After matriculating, he came to Lahore in where he is settled ever since.

Initially, he was more interested in Literature and Philosophy. Knowing that Amin Ahsan Islahi was resident in Lahore during those days, he set out to meet him the very day he had javed ahmad ghamidi book meezan read his mention. It was this meeting that changed Ghamidi from a man of philosophy and literature to a man of religion.

He started working with them on various Islamic disciplines particularly exegesis and Islamic law. He describes a desire during his childhood years to establish a name linkage to his late grandfather Noor Elahi, after learning of his status as the one people of the area turned to, to resolve disputes.


Subsequently, one of the visiting Sufi friends of his father narrated a story of javed ahmad ghamidi book meezan patriarch of the Arab tribe Banu Ghamid who earned the reputation of being a great peacemaker. He writes, that the temporal closeness of these two events clicked in his mind and he decided to add the name Ghamidi to his given name, Javed Ahmed.

Ghamidi's inspiration from his mentor, Amin Ahsan Islahi and non-traditionalist approach to the religion has parted him from the conservative understanding on a large number of issues.

However, Ghamidi argues that his dissenting conclusions are often based on traditional foundations set by classical scholars. In Ghamidi's arguments, there is no reference to the Western sources, human rights or current philosophies of crime and punishment.

Thus, Muhammad and his designated followers waged a war against Divinely specified peoples of their time the polytheists and the Israelites and Nazarites of Arabia and some other Jews, Christians, et al.

Therefore, after Muhammad and his companions, there is no concept in Islam obliging Muslims to wage war for propagation or implementation of Islam.

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, Al-Mawrid -

The only valid basis for jihad through arms is to end javed ahmad ghamidi book meezan when all other measures have failed. Another corollary, in his opinion, is that death punishment for apostasy was also specifically for the recipients of the same Divine punishment during Muhammad's times—for they had persistently denied the truth of Muhammad's mission even after it had been made conclusively evident to them by God through Muhammad.


However, he believes that if and when Muslims form a state of their own, Islam does impose certain religious obligations on its rulers as establishment of the institution of salat obligatory prayerzakah mandatory charityand 'amr bi'l-ma'ruf wa nahi 'ani'l-munkar preservation and promotion of society's good conventions and customs and eradication of social vices ; this, in Ghamidi's opinion, should be done in modern times through courts, police, etc.

It doesn't require four witnesses to javed ahmad ghamidi book meezan the case as in the case of Zina Arabic consensual sex. Those who were punished by stoning rajm in Muhammad's time were also punished under hirabah for raping, sexually assaulting women, and spreading vulgarity in society through prostitution.


Nothing besides these two is Islam or can be regarded as its part. Fiqh is characterised as a human exercise, and therefore subject to human weakness and differences of opinion.

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

A Muslim is not obliged to adhere to a school of fiqh. The ideal way to set up an Islamic government in our times is the one that they adopted for Mullah Omar's government in Afghanistan. Javed ahmad ghamidi book meezan constitution, the parliament, and elections are nothing but modern day shams

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