Natasha Kirby has long been saddened by her family’s feud with the Mandrakis men now she’s caught in its savage crossfire. Her family’s business has fallen into the hands of merciless tycoon Alex Mandrakis. Captive on Alex’s luxury yacht, Natasha finds her trembling fear. Natasha closes her lips tightly, determined to block his passionate kiss, as she gives her defenseless bare body to Alex Mandrakis. She'd. Sara CravenTHE INNOCENT'S SURRENDER; 4. All about the author Sara CravenSARA CRAVEN was born in South Devon and grew up in.


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The Innocent`s Surrender

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She goes back to England, where she innocent surrender and mysteriously feels distant from her bf. She goes and the chauffeur who meets her at the airport is the H's, not her brother's.

The Innocent's Surrender by Sara Craven

Basically, H kidnaps the heroine and locks her in his bedroom. He's pissed because the betrothal agreement was broken AND she didn't plan to follow through on another letter she'd unknowingly signed, in which she offered to do all sorts of kinky innocent surrender with him.

So, the brothers didn't get the money and the H now innocent surrender the family business and home for revenge. He decides he'll also get a piece of the h as well, since she's obviously a dirty slut, judging from the contents of the letter she supposedly wrote.

It's ok to rape a slut, obviously. You lock a woman in your bedroom and tell her you're going to have her whether she wants innocent surrender or not. She's scared and there are guards outside the door who won't let her get away, even if she can get past the lock.

Innocent Surrender: The Virgin`s Proposition / The

She passively goes along, because she knows she has no chance against this big, strong, virile male. That's still called rape. Innocent surrender, he discovers she's a virgin and becomes somewhat kinder.


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