Industrial Organization: Contemporary Theory and Practice Lynne Pepall, Dan Richards, and George Norman. Welcome to the Pepall Industrial Organization. chapter industrial organization: what, how and why? problem many examples imperfectly competitive markets are possible. common ones include: automobiles. Description. Pepall's Industrial Organization: Contemporary Theory and Empirical Applications, 5th Edition offers an accessible text in which.


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Professor Richards received his A.

Industrial Organization : Contemporary Theory and Empirical Applications

Professor Richards has written numerous articles in both macroeconomics and industrial organization, appearing in industrial organization pepall American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Industrial Economics, Economica, the B.

He came to Tufts in and has taught at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He served as Director of the Graduate Program in Economics from throughand has also served as a consultant to the Federal Trade Commission. Professor Richards lives in Newton, Massachusetts, with his two sons, a dog, three rabbits, and his wife, a co-author of this book.

Oligopoly and Strategic Interaction: Static Games and Cournot Competition. Introduction to Game Theory.

Industrial Organization : Lynne Pepall :

Many Firms and Different Costs. Dynamic Games and First and Second Movers.

Limit Pricing and Entry Deterrence. Entry Deterrence in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Price Fixing and Repeated Games. The Role of the Antitrust Authorities.

Contemporary Industrial Organization

Estimating the Effects of Price Fixing. Detection and Public Policy.


Experimental Investigation of Leniency Programs. Contractual Relations between Firms: Evaluating the Impact of Mergers with Computer Simulation. Equilibrium Prices in the Spatial Model without a Merger.

Pepall - Industrial Organization

Vertical and Conglomerate Mergers. Vertical Integration in the Ready-mixed Concrete Industry. Exclusive Dealing in the U.

Advertising, Market Power, industrial organization pepall Information. Advertising, Competition, and Brand Names. Basic Theory and Applications 24 Strategic Commitments and International Trade Answers to Practice Problems Index Empirical Applications in each chapter doubles the amount of empirical content from the previous edition.

Content and material can be covered using either calculus or a non-calculus approach.

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