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This time around, it felt like it was two stories blended into one story. The pacing is uneven; it moves slow, then fast, then slow, then proceeds to the ending. It is not nearly as thick or as long as Sister Time, but that is not necessarily a good thing.

It has a lot of errors in it that should have been caught by the editor [well, a lot in my opinion]. The errors are some misspelled words and honor of the clan awkward sentences; most of the honor of the clan are missing words especially pronouns or subjects of sentences.

Honor of the Clan Index Page

The mistakes doe break up the narrative and make it choppier than it needs to be or already is. I hated the ending, for more than one reason. It was wrong on SO many levels! Mike had no idea his father was still alive and had just been killed by honor of the clan own son, so whatever they were trying to set up failed.

Honor of the Clan

Also, if Mike, Junior, had been appraised that his father and oldest daughter were still alive, then this whole situation could have been avoided. It was just all-around stupid.


So perhaps the authors did a better job than I am giving them credit for having done because of the strong reaction it has produced in me. You cannot convince me of that.

Honor of the Clan-eARC by John Ringo and Julie Cochrane - Baen Ebook

The place was wired to the gills and had cameras, sensors, and weapons all over the place. He should have recognized his son well before that point had been reached so that his dying would not honor of the clan been an issue.

Having Mike kill his father was just all kinds of stupid. I do not know; I am just theorizing. It was stupid and a waste of a perfectly good character [or reappearance of a beloved character].

I thought it was going to be a honor of the clan story, he would FINALLY discover that his oldest daughter and father were still alive, and that he had grand-children via Cally and Stewart. Shows what I knew!

Honor of the Clan - Wikipedia

Sadly, my hopes were cruelly dashed upon the rocks of despair by the end of the story. Mike honor of the clan supposed to be taking over some kind of "investigation" as to what happened to an "Earth-bound" military force that had nothing to do with the Galactic Military, so it seems kind of odd that Mike was recalled at all.

It was not a "Fleet" or "Fleetstrike" issue; it was a "local" issue amongst the military force s of the United Honor of the clan of America. I would go so far as to say that Mike really serves no purpose in this book at all, in terms of the overall narrative, to be honest.

He is "only" included to kill his father at the end of the book; he has plenty of other men under his command [officers AND enlisted] who could "do the job" he was given back on Earth, especially as there is, essentially, nothing to the job except to lead a squad of ACS at the end into the Bane Sidhe compound and chase the O'Neal clan and the Bane Sidhe off-planet.


I did enjoy Mike's responses to finding out there were teams named after his daughter and father. I did "understand" his taking up offenses against the Bane Sidhe for that.

However, had he been appraised of the true status of his father and daughter this situation could have been avoided from the beginning. I honor of the clan that was fairly realistic [how he responded] and made perfect sense.

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