History of the World is a game of epic conquest set amid the rise and fall of mighty empires. Each game spans the dawn of civilization to the twentieth century as. The history of the world, in common parlance, is the history of humanity (or human history), as determined from archaeology, anthropology, genetics, linguistics, and other disciplines; and, for periods since the invention of writing, from recorded history and from secondary sources and studies.‎Prehistory · ‎Ancient history · ‎Post-classical history. J.M. Roberts's renowned History of the World is widely considered the finest available one-volume survey of the major events, developments, and personalities.


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: History of the World : J.M. Roberts: Books

There was polygamy and polyandry A man could have several women, a woman could have several men. Illyria Illyrian tribes pre-Roman conquest.

Illyria [25] history of the world the part of west-south Balkan Peninsula populated by Illyrians whose descendants are Albanians.


Illyrians lived in history of the world such as EpirusDardaniaTaulantia etc. They had their own language, the Illyrian language that was different from the Greek language and Latin.

At the year BC the population of Illyria is estimated to be aroundAncient Greece Greece, BC.

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history of the world This is just the mainland, without colonies What is known today as Ancient Greece is a very important period in history. Most people agree that it came after the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations. It ended when the Romans invaded Greece, in BC.

Greek culture had a very powerful influence on later civilizations, especially the Romans.

The Greeks developed what is now called a city-stateor a polis. Some of the more important ones were AthensSpartaCorinth and Thebes. The word politics comes from there. Greek cities history of the world not have much contact with each other, because of the mountains and many islands Greece is made up of.

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When a city no longer had enough food to care for all its citizens, some people were sent out to set up a new city. This was called a colony.

Each city was independent, and ruled by someone within that city. Colonies also looked to the city where they originally came from for guidance. When Greece went to war for example against the Persian Empirethere was an alliance of such city states, against the Persians.

There were also many history of the world between different city states.


There were many artists and philosophers who lived in that period. Most of them are still important for philosophy today.

A history of the world artist was Homer. He wrote epics about the war against the Trojansand the early history of Greece. Other well-known artists were Aristophanes and Sappho. Well-known philosophers include SocratesPlatoand Aristotle. A well known mathematician of the time was Euclid.

Statesmen of the time were Pericles and Alexander the Great. Ancient Rome The Roman Empire, when it was biggest.

History of the world

This was during the reign of Trajanin the year Ancient Rome was a civilization that started in modern-day Italyin the 8th Century before Christ. The civilization lasted for 12 centuries. Julius Caesar conquered Gaulmodern Franceand Augustus ended the Roman history of the world by becoming emperor.

At its biggest extent, the empire covered all of the Mediterranean.

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