Russell H. Conwell once told a story of a man in his book “Acres of Diamonds” The man sold his land after he was told that diamond was seating in one of the distant land close to his farmland. He sold the land. some months after the sale of the land, the man got drown because he couldn’t contend with frustration any longer.

Why was he frustrated? Why his death? He got frustrated when he discovered that the farm he sold was an “Acres of Diamond”. This was discovered by the new lord of the land.

Practically, many people have sold their treasure land in the process of seeking arable land. What am I saying in essence? We’ve been capsized with the believe that if we don’t leave our country we can’t make it. This is serious. if I may ask , can a monkey in Nigeria go to America and become a donkey? No, emphatic No!. the answer is an unambiguous NO.

Every thing start with a correct mindset. note this, your location doesn’t determine your allotment but your mindset of rising to every occasions presented by your location make you possess your allocation. A poor man in Nigeria will also be poor if sent to London, why? Because he his suffering from the poverty of the mind.

Opportunities are bound everywhere, where you can see people, opportunity is not sighted away, what you just need is the correct mind-set and mentality. Seek those that don’t have what you have who are willing and ready to get it at a tangible cost. Greatness is not the function of location but the ability to rise to the occasion presented by your location. Ability to rise makes you possess your needed possession.

Happy enough, we are in a century, where transforming content hangs every where, what you just need to is to be open. Needful to mention, you can start that your business online, all what you just need do is to acquire the necessary skill. Right in your message and brain, there’s an acre of diamond.

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