Abstract. GONGORA-RODRIGUEZ, Alfredo and FONTANILLA-RAMIREZ, Diana. The influence of sperm DNA fragmentation on assisted reproduction techniques. Resumo. PORTELLA, Jimmy; LOPEZ, Rosmary; NORIEGA-HOCES, Luis e GUZMAN, Luis. Predictive model of sperm DNA fragmentation using. fragmentação do ADN espermático (F-DNA) (através de Halomax®, dispersão da cromatina) e danos em membrana (D-Me) (através.


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The mechanisms examined include: Sperm DNA integrity is a sperm functional parameter of male fertility evaluation. A total of sperm were evaluated per slide and the number with a bright green signal indicating DNA fragmentation was recorded as a proportion of the number of sperm colored red i.

In each case, control slides provided by the test kit containing a mixture of normal and apoptotic cells were also stained as a check to make sure the staining had worked correctly. Briefly, this involved adjusting the concentration of prepared and unprepared sperm see above fragmentation de adn espermatico Fertilisation Medium Cook UK Ltd.

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The coverslip was removed, and the slide immersed for 7 min in a tray containing fragmentation de adn espermatico ml of distilled water to which 80 ml of the denaturant solution supplied by the kit had been added.

Slides were then allowed to dry at room temperature and then incubated with the eosin solution, for 6 min followed by a further 6 min in Azur B blue.

Sperm not demonstrating a halo represented those with fragmented DNA and were expressed as a proportion of the total number of sperm observed. The Chi-square test, Fisher's exact test and ANOVA were used for categorical variables, and an independent sample t-test was used for continuous variables that were normally distributed.

Fragmentation de adn espermatico The partners of 35 women with RIF, 16 women with RM, and 7 controls were recruited to the study and provided semen samples for analysis. There were no significant differences between the three groups in terms of the age of either partner or in sperm concentration, motility and sperm morphology of the ejaculate provided for the study fragmentation de adn espermatico 1].


About sperm obtained following DCG, there were no statistical differences in the percentage of sperm with DNA damage between the three patient groups and the two test methods.

Percentage of sperm fragmentation de adn espermatico DNA fragmentation in male partners of women with recurrent implantation failure a and brecurrent miscarriage c and dand in a group of recent fathers control e and f as measured by sperm chromatin disruption test left hand graphs and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase dUTP nick end labelling right hand fragmentation de adn espermatico.

All measurements were made on sperm in semen and immediately following density gradient centrifugation.

Fragmentation of sperm DNA using the TUNEL method | Actas Urológicas Españolas (English Edition)

Interestingly, the values for sperm morphology were also not significantly different between sperm observed in semen and those assessed following DCG data not shown. Discussion This study investigated the relationship between sperm Fragmentation de adn espermatico fragmentation in the male partners of women diagnosed with RIF following IVF, RM following unassisted conception as well as sperm from men who had become recent fathers as a control group.


This study used two commercially available tests and examined both ejaculated sperm as well as sperm recovered following density centrifugation. In summary, although some significant quantitative differences were seen in the results obtained with the two tests and sperm preparation methods across the three groups, there was no convincing evidence that the results could be fragmentation de adn espermatico to discriminate between the three groups.

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Recurrent implantation failure and RM are fragmentation de adn espermatico types of reproductive failure with different incidences and presentations. A history of three or more consecutive miscarriages RM is somewhat rare occurring in approximately 0.

Women with RM have a different experience to women with RIF, achieving spontaneous conceptions but repeated pregnancy loss.

They experience both joy and excitement at the prospect of a new addition to their family, only to be disappointed at a later time when a spontaneous pregnancy loss is confirmed on ultrasound or the woman experiences vaginal bleeding.

fragmentation de adn espermatico For example, the use of acridine orange staining on the sperm from 74 male partners of women with a history of RM found a statistical difference compared to the sperm from 65 recent fathers. SciELO Colombia is an electronic library covering a select collection of scientific Colombian journals from all areas of knowledge.

Searches can be made of SciELO's existing collections covering the whole network or just a particular country.

A national programme has thus been developed for improving serialised publications and training courses re SciELO methodology.

The site's object is to implement an electronic library providing complete access to collections of journals and the complete text of articles.

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