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There are numerous factors in addition to coverage that influence the insurance price. Beginning drivers pay more than experienced drivers; those driving big, powerful cars pay more than those with more modest vehicles; those living in urban areas pay more than those in rural areas, and those who have been found liable in accidents pay more than those who haven't.

If you have a good driving record in your home country you can get credit for it here. Get a letter from your insurance agent back home. If the Fahren lernen lehrbuch agent says you can't get this credit try another agent. Some insurance agents in Germany are geared to getting the expatriate through these complexities.

For more information on vehicle insurance click here.

For more information on getting a "no-claims bonus" NCB from your Fahren lernen lehrbuch insurance provide click here. Back to top Traffic Laws Don't let the high speeds on German roads fool you into believing that there are no reduced speed fahren lernen lehrbuch. There are, in fact, many sections of the German Autobahns that have speed limits.

The speed limits are prominently posted in heavily traveled sections of Autobahns around cities.


You'll also see speed limit signs on other seemingly open parts of the Autobahns in the countryside. So, keep an eye open for them.

fahren lernen lehrbuch Usually, speeders will not be stopped at the time of the offense but will get a speeding ticket through the mail.

This may be as long as two or three months after the incident. The German police use special cameras to catch speeders.

Driving test learning materials in English

Persons exceeding the limits by more than 30 kilometers an hour can count on losing licenses for a period of up to three months, plus a stiff fine.

A tough, computerized point system is used to get dangerous drivers off the road. fahren lernen lehrbuch

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Increasingly strict penalties are the order of the day especially where drugs or alcohol are involved, and especially if there was an accident.

Except where posted because of construction or traffic problems, there are no speed limits on the autobahns, although the recommended maximum is kph about 80mph.

A mixture of slow-moving trucks and high-speed autos are on the same roads at fahren lernen lehrbuch same time and defensive driving is a must.

Englisch kostenlos lernen: online Lehrbuch - English course (Englischkurs)

Autobahn chain-reaction pileups occur periodically, partly because of high speeds. The most common causes of accidents involving expatriates are failing to yield the right-of-way, following too closely and failure to maintain control.

Accidents occurring at speeds of over kph on the autobahns can result in insurance payment claims being annulled regardless of who was at fahren lernen lehrbuch.

The fahren lernen lehrbuch speed limit is 50kph about 30mph in built-up areas and kph about 60mph elsewhere. If you are hauling a trailer the speed limit is 80kph 50mph on roads and autobahns.

If you see a blinking yellow light at an intersection it means stop, then proceed if the intersection is clear. Run a red light and you'll probably be caught: All vehicles in Germany are required to have serviceable seat belts for all persons in the car, including those riding in the back seat.

fahren lernen lehrbuch And fahren lernen lehrbuch law requires that they be worn. An exception is made for back-seat passengers in older-model cars that didn't originally come equipped with rear seat belts.

Children under 12 are not allowed to ride in the front seat of a car and must use car seats certified by the German government. There is no general rule in Germany that prohibits passing in an intersection.


The driver making a left turn must therefore check for rear traffic at least twice and, because of the rearview mirror's "blind spot," should not rely on it alone.

In Germany, a driver can be forced to submit fahren lernen lehrbuch a blood test.

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