Ep 22 – Becoming A Bestselling Author with Asa Leveaux

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Hello and welcome to episode 22 of Erupt Podcast.

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Asa grew up with a burning desire for knowledge, born and raised in Oklahoma city, he grew up the oldest of 5. His role as the eldest sibling catapulted him to leadership role making it easy for him to lead throughout his academic career. Asa is the founder of Genius Academy which promotes personal success through the implementation of key strategies that are encouraged through practical execution.

We talked about Becoming A Best Selling Author and here is a summary of the episode. The full podcast can be found at www.erupt.online/ep22


Asa currently generate revenue by helping entrepreneurs gain their first $10k in business. He does this by enrolling them into one of his programs.

If you want to become a best selling author, what you should note is to make sure that you have in your mind that you are not talking or writing for everybody.

You are NOT writing for the continent, not writing for the world, you are writing for one person. Make your book specific enough.

Think about the one person you are writing about.

Get an image in your head or go online and find an image that looks like someone you are thinking about and print it out.

This helps when you have writer’s block, you can look at the image and think about their day, what they are going through and you will get ideas.

After getting the image, you should then proceed to write an outline of the book.

An outline is a framing of your book. When you are writing a book that is true, what you can do is do something called the POWER OF TEN.

Formulate 10 topics and then on each topic, formulate 10 subtopics.

For fiction, a good way to make an outline is to make a STORY BOARD. A storyboard is when you have an drawing of what is happening.

Once you are done with outline, it’s time to do the actual writing.

If you want to become a writer, you have to write!

Guess what? Asa wrote a book in Afghanistan while a war was going on so he knows what it means to be busy and have other things going on.

Listen to how he scaled through here – www.erupt.online/ep22 [15:53]

You can use your calendar and make an appointment with yourself to write your book.

And also you don’t have to write the book in a traditional way. You can write your book by using a voice recorder by talking into your phone and having someone else transcribe the audio. You can go to freeconferencecall.com and with this you will sign up for free and you will have a telephone number and passcode and you call the number then press *9 and you begin to start recording.

Once you hang up the phone, you will receive an email containing the recording. You can then send this email to someone who can write as they listen.

While writing, it is important to have a measureable goal in mind. For instance, let’s say you want to write a book that has 50,000 words and you have 10 topics.

That means each topic will have 5,000 words.

But since for every topic, you will have 10 subtopics.

That means that each subtopic will have 500 words.

And we all write 500 words in middle school.

A good way to do this is to take a look at how long a tweet is.

A tweet = 2 sentences
A tweet = 20 words
25 tweets = 500 words = 1 subtopic

A good way to edit your book is to get a professor at a university because they are already smart and they make corrections on people’s writings all day long and they would do it for a lot less money.

Give the gift of love to the world and do that sooner rather than later.

Two great ways of selling a book is using Amazon (the biggest online retailer) and the second one is being able to sell in person in your city.

There is a world that needs you in it. The world needs your book.

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