Ep 24 – How Bailey Richert Uses Clickfunnels To Grow Her Business

Bailey Richert is a business coach who helps individuals launch profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value and generating income by sharing their life experience, knowledge and passions with others in a manner that supports their ideal lifestyles. Learn more about her work at http://baileyrichert.com.

Guess what? Bailey went to school to be an engineer and worked as an engineer for a few years before going to graduate school to study entrepreneurship!

Favourite Quote – Our time on earth is limited and we only have one life to live.

Ways She Generate Revenue

– Online courses – Services – Virtual summits (Infopreneur summit)

CF is an all in one solution so Bailey uses for almost all her stuff. She collect payments for her summit, create her courses and does her funnel right inside CF.

Virtual Summit School teaches how you can use CF to host your own online summit.

VirtualSummitSchool.com is where you should go for freebies about virtual summits.

Biggest advice – Get out there, reach out and make connection

Super Hero – IRON MAN

Join the CF GroupClickFunnels FB Group

Try the free trial hereerupt.online/cftrial

Book – The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Start Your Own Corporation.

Fire Segment

Favorite Word – SUCCESS

On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you – 5

A room, desk or car, which are you going to clean first – Desk

What are you not good at? – I am so afraid of height

The chicken or the egg, which one first? – Chicken

Resources Mentioned In The Episode


An online appointment and schduling tool – calendly.com 

Connect with Bailey – baileyrichert.com

How old do you have to be to be an infopreneur?

There is absolutely no age limit to the age you can be an Infopreneur. The cool thing about digital media is that you can run an online business if you are willing to put in the effort and get out there and you can run an online business from anywhere!

Let me know your thoughts.