Ep 13 – Online Funnel Secrets with Catlin Bettridge

Catlin Bettridge is the founder of Bettridge Online Industries Inc. He has a professional background in accounting, tax and corporate finance, but his true passion is for sales, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. The things that make him the happiest are teaching others, sharing his knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs, solving their problems and helping them grow their businesses. Catlin is on the show today to talk about Online Funnel Secrets.

Favourite Quote

Done is better than perfect – Mark Zuckerberg

Build it first and perfect it later – Eric Ries.

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FREE GIFT – http://catlinbettridge.com

Fire Segment

Favorite Word – SUCCESS

On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you – 8

If you had a room, desk or car, which would you clean first – Desk

The Chicken or The Egg, which one first – The Chicken