The Enlightened Manifestor is a 52 week program that will ignite the all powerful manifesting being who is hidden within you! You'll retrain your brain to see how. The Enlightened Manifestor Program. Perhaps the most enlightening aspect of the Super Manifesting Package is a compilation of the most inspiring and. Enlightened Manifestor. Ronald Fidelin. Loading Unsubscribe from Ronald Fidelin? Cancel Unsubscribe.


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Covers your purchase price and original shipping. Add to cart to save with this special offer If you Buy It Now, you'll only be enlightened manifestor this item. It will quiet your mind chatter, open your heart chakra and take enlightened manifestor into a potent relaxation enhancing your Magical Manifesting potential energy.

The meditation will bring out a deeper loving soul connection with anyone you are in relationship with!

Even just listening to this super healing meditation one time will reprogram your heart and mind with the profound ability to experience deeper levels of love and intimacy in any relationship.

This revolutionary visualization takes you into a conscious dream-like state where you actually step into the enlightened manifestor powerful manifesting place in the Universe…The Blue Room! You will create real life agreements that manifest themselves back on Earth! Perhaps you would like to physically meet your life partner, create a new financial contract or deal, or improve your business or personal relationships.

This enlightening meditation takes you directly into experiencing the highest states of consciousness.

You will go on a journey that takes you beyond the mind and ego into the Divine Presence within you. Super Manifesting Videos Inside this enlightening download you'll get to experience 27 Enlightening Videos that Jafree enlightened manifestor personally recorded and speaks about everything we need to know to increase our natural manifesting ability and effortlessly attract everything our heart desires.

This personalized online experience enlightened manifestor Jafree will boost your vibration through the roof!

Enlightened Manifestor by Jafree Ozwald | eBay

These are heart driven enlightening messages from Jafree's soul, teaching you how to reach a deeper understanding of enlightenment, meditation, and how manifesting works. These teachings will show you how to move through poverty consciousness, limited small thinking, how to create enlightening relationships, enter an enlightened state of consciousness and all this time even effortlessly release enlightened manifestor weight!

This product in itself is an entire Enlightened manifestor University in itself. Get ready to start attracting that amazing life you soooo deserve.

The Manifesting Manual Audiobook This is a 12 hour deeply enlightening experience and your first step to attending our Manifesting University. The information you'll receive will help you magnetize everything you want from total financial freedom, to enlightened loving relationships, to having a peak state of energy for the rest of your life!

You'll learn exactly how to awaken your manifesting powers, transcend your saboteurs and blocks, and receive ALL the essential tools, enlightened manifestor and technology you'll need to manifest the life of your dreams. This course contains ancient secrets to enlightenment which fuel the most powerful enlightened manifestor effective manifesting technology on the planet today.


Instead of reading the Manifesting Manual, you can listen to all 14 mind blowing enlightened manifestor wherever you are. Get ready to experience the most powerful transformation in your life!

Enlightened Manifestor

You're about to enlighten your consciousness, skyrocket your manifesting vibration and learn how to attract your dream life with joy and effortless ease. The Manifesting Manual The Manifesting Manual has been described by many as the most comprehensive and enlightened manifestor manifesting guidebook on the planet.

Within this page e-book you'll receive enlightened manifestor powerful manifesting meditations, 13 proven visualization exercises, inspirational quotes, and the world's greatest secrets to manifesting.


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