Dodie Bellamy writes genre-bending works that focus on sexuality, politics, and narrative experimentation, challenging the distinctions between fiction, essay. At Literary Hub today, Ruby Brunton writes: "There is a long-standing tradition of poets who have refused genre, or reinvented it, and who continue to push. Dodie Bellamy is an American novelist, nonfiction author, journalist and editor. Her work is frequently associated with that of Dennis Cooper, Kathy Acke.


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Is it ever hard to live with another writer? A Dodie Bellamy — Our writing is so different, so no.

Harriet: Dodie Bellamy | Poetry Foundation

dodie bellamy I do end up taking most of his edits. She becomes ill or throws up. My immediate thought is that health is a tyrannical regime. I hate the word capitalism. Modern America, global capitalism, is sick.


He was talking about colonialism, saying that the only way anyone could engage in its horrors is through a lack of empathy. He was seeing colonialism as a state of dodie bellamy illness.

A bit about me

Q The White Review — Is there such a thing as resistant sickness, forms of sickness that allow you to escape or enter into altered states that might paradoxically turn out to dodie bellamy forms of health?

I dodie bellamy food sensitivities that are troublesome. Before my gluten sensitivity was discovered I worried I had some awful auto-immune disorder.


I used to have a couple of days each week when I dodie bellamy stay-in-bed sick. I was very overwhelmed by those facts.

Interview with Dodie Bellamy - The White ReviewThe White Review

How did you find that out? A Dodie Bellamy — That was all googling.

The information is taken from a number of sources. I loved that I was even able to find the dodie bellamy plots of the people who died. You suggest that some people succumbed because of psychological or physical stress.

Dodie Bellamy

A Dodie Bellamy — Or they were doomed. It was a kind of sickness, how oppressive the creation of E.

  • Dodie Bellamy (Author of When the Sick Rule the World)
  • Dodie Bellamy—About
  • Dodie Bellamy - Wikipedia
  • September 2012

Q The Dodie bellamy Review — E. And then that alien entity being becomes a perfect love-object in suburbia. Something can be very abstracted and still have the power to movem, like an Eva Hesse sculpture.

Q The White Review — This is dodie bellamy a compelling aspect of your work, which I see as being a kind of research into affect.

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