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The use of English in parliamentary proceedings was to be phased out at the end of fifteen years unless Parliament chose constitution of india hindi extend its use, which Parliament did through the Official Languages Act, Parliament has not exercised its power to so decide, instead merely requiring that all such laws and instruments, and all bills brought before it, also be translated into Hindi, though the English text remains authoritative.

However, in many high courts, there is, with consent from the president, allowance of the optional use of Hindi. Implementation[ edit ] Various steps have been taken by constitution of india hindi Indian government to implement the use and familiarisation of Hindi extensively.

Annual targets are set by the Department of Official Language regarding the amount of correspondence being carried out in Hindi.

Constitution of India (Full Text) | National Portal of India

A Parliament Committee on Official Language constituted in periodically reviews the progress in the use of Hindi and submits a report to the President.

The governmental body which makes policy constitution of india hindi and established guidelines for promotion of Hindi is the Kendriya Hindi Samiti est.

In every city that has more than ten central Government offices, a Town Official Language Implementation Committee is established and cash awards are given to government employees who write books in Hindi.

Examples constitution of india hindi Kokborok in Tripura and Mizo in Mizoram.

Languages with official status in India

Legislature and administration[ edit ] The constitutional provisions in relation to use of the official constitution of india hindi in legislation at the State level largely mirror those relating to the official language at the central level, with minor variations.

State legislatures may conduct their business constitution of india hindi their official languageHindi or for a transitional period, which the legislature can extend if it so chooses English, and members who cannot use any of these have the same rights to their mother tongue with the Speaker's permission.

The authoritative text of all laws must be in English, unless Parliament passes a law permitting a state to use another language, and if the original text of a law is in a different language, an authoritative English translation of all laws must be prepared.

The state has the right to regulate the use of its official language in public administrationand in general, neither the constitution nor any central enactment imposes any restriction on this right.

However, every person submitting a petition for the redress of a grievance to an officer or authority of the state government has a constitutional right to submit it in any language used in that state, regardless of its official status.


It is a living document, the permanent instrument which makes the government system work. It lays down the framework defining fundamental political principles, establishes the structure, procedures, powers and duties of government institutions and sets constitution of india hindi fundamental rights, directive principles and the duties of citizens.

Constitution of India (Full Text)

It is the longest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world. The nation is governed on the basis of this Constitution. B R Ambedkar is regarded as the chief architect of the Indian Constitution.

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