Craig Thompson, for all the lack of works in his bibliography, is one of the best creators working in comics today. Apart from Blankets, he has only released one. In , Craig Thompson's celebrated graphic novel, Blankets, was challenged in the Marshall, Missouri Public Library. Blankets is the semiautobiographical. Blankets has ratings and reviews. Seth said: Craig Thompson, for all the lack of works in his bibliography, is one of the best creators work.


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So in some sense it was almost as blankets graphic novel I had finished the book already. I worked the thumbnails to satisfaction, and it was weird to start the final pages, because it was like, well, I'd just finished the story.

So in a way, I deprived myself of that sense of surprise that some cartoonists have when they make it up as they go. But also, once Blankets graphic novel had a rhythm going on of working on it I did hone it more as I was working on it.

That's interesting, because in a way that's a very writerly method, in that you did your rough draft and then your final draft. That's a method you normally associate with novelists and prose writers rather than comics. Yeah, and probably the main reason blankets graphic novel comics is there's not the ease of editing.

Even after that, I went through the final pages, which took a couple years. And I did go back and edit again, but it takes so long to edit a page of comics as opposed to a page of text.

It's not like you can go in there and cut and paste a few sentences. What was the project like, tackling autobiographical subjects like that?

I'm curious what it was like, from an intellectual standpoint and from a craft standpoint, what it was like to delve into your own history for a work blankets graphic novel that. It was a bit strange, because -- well, the part I enjoyed was that from the beginning, I knew that I wanted to tell a personal and intimate story, even simple.

I wanted it to be a long work that actually had very simple themes, and so autobio was perfectly suited to that. Also, right away, as I started crafting it or shaping it, I wanted to change certain things to make a story, and soon as I considered changing one thing, I'm like, "Well, I could change anything.

Blankets by Craig Thompson review – one of the best graphic novels of all time

But then once I decided to stick to it, it gave me this strange framework that I don't think I would have come up with on my own. It's like, okay, I have to present this scene because it blankets graphic novel, or, this scene happened, but I have to make it interesting to read.


It limited me in some ways, and that was kind of exciting. Yeah, there are a lot of ideas about how limitations can force creativity -- do you feel that's something that happened to you? Yeah, I think so, and I know that for a lot of people that works with serialized comics, having the regular blankets graphic novel, page counts they have to fill.


blankets graphic novel One thing I found really interesting about Blankets is that there's an interesting sort of timelessness to it, in the mood and the setting. I knew it was a contemporary story, but it didn't fully click until I saw the posters in Raina's room -- "oh god, he's about my age!

Blankets: Craig Thompson: : Books

I don't know if I was specifically aiming for that, I mean, I kind of feel like that in general. But I tried to actually capture the sort of ridiculous 90s blankets graphic novel X grunge thing.

Yeah, I thought that was great, I knew people like that in high school. What sort of movies and music did you have that were shaping that work? What sort of stuff were you drawing inspiration from while you worked on it? A pretty vast array of stuff -- I'm trying to think of what movies might have been coming out.

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