Power is a gift, a means of peacemaking, a God-sanctioned key to human flourishing. This is the striking claim advanced in Andy Crouch's. Andy Crouch's second book, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power (very kindly sent to me for review by IVP) winsomely, effectively, and biblically. : Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power : Andy Crouch: Books.


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As a journalist, Crouch places high value on clarity of style and usefulness for everyday life.


He brings in stories from his personal life and from popular culture that sustain interest and shed important light. And he illuminates his theme through multipage explorations of key biblical passages, which will be helpful to readers with preaching responsibilities.

Crouch locates the real nature of power in the act of creation. In doing so it creates other bodies and invites them into mutual andy crouch playing god and tending of the world, building relationships where there had been none: And the process goes on.

A review of Playing God, by Andy Crouch

In this account, power becomes an opportunity in both large and small ways to take up the responsibility of the creation mandate. The importance of image andy crouch playing god to the proper exercise of power also provides a clear biblical framework for identifying when power is abused.

In an insightful chapter, Crouch identifies injustice and idolatry as the key signposts indicating a misuse of power.


Cultivate what is good in existing human traditions and create anew on top andy crouch playing god those traditions. This is precisely what we do: And in Playing God, he examines from many angles a topic, power, andy crouch playing god is even more touchy than education.

Underlying much of the academic fascination with power, it seems to me, is the presupposition that power is essentially about coercion—that even when power looks life-giving and creative, it actually cloaks a violent fist in a creative glove.

A Review of Andy Crouch’s Playing God

I believe this is exactly backwards. I actually believe the deepest form of power is creation, and that when power takes the form of coercion and violence, that is actually a andy crouch playing god and distortion of what it was meant to be.

I found his analysis to be very illuminating. Institutions, he said aided by the work of Hugh Heclo and D. Michael Lindsay comprise four elements: Andy crouch playing god can churches expect to make a lasting impact on their communities if they cannot dwell in community over time?

Here, as elsewhere, Crouch is incisive and insightful.

Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power by Andy Crouch

As a model of the kind of image bearing use of power Crouch has in mind, he highlights the work of the International Andy crouch playing god Mission IJM.

Although Crouch is careful not to frame his argument along specific political party lines, there are places in Playing God that I believe resonate strongly with conservative ideals, and the model of IJM is one of them.

Specifically, Crouch praises IJM for their work in preserving and shoring up local institutions across the globe in places where great injustices exist.


Rather than seeing themselves as outside saviors who will usurp the roles of local authorities, or as andy crouch playing god who will replace existing institutions, or as anarchists who want to dismantle all institutions, IJM always tries to work with local governments to help them create artifacts, arenas, rules, and roles that promote image bearing.

In the most basic and I think essential way, this is the work of conservation.

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