Title; "An Appeal to the Young", By P. Kropotkin; Identifier; ; Type; text; Source; American Left Ephemera Collection; Finding Aid; Guide to the. "It is to the young that I wish to address myself today. With these words, Kropotkin begins "An Appeal to the Young," one of his earliest published anarchist. Author: Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kniaz', - Author: Hyndman, H. M. (Henry Mayers), - Pages: 30 p. ; 18 cm. - Publication: Sydney: The.


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A few thousands at the outside, who are lost in the midst of hundreds of millions still steeped in prejudices and superstitions worthy of savages, who are consequently ever ready to serve as puppets for religious impostors.

Or, to go a step further, let us glance at what science has done to establish rational foundations for physical and moral health.


Science tells us how we ought to live in order to preserve the health of our own bodies, how to maintain in good conditions of existence the crowded masses of our population. But does not all the vast amount of work done in these two directions remain a dead letter in our books?

We know it does.

An Appeal to the Young | The Anarchist Library

Because science today an appeal to the young kropotkin only for a handful of privileged persons, because social inequality which divides society into two classes — the wage-slaves and the grabbers of capital-renders all its teachings as to the conditions of a rational existence only the bitterest irony to nine-tenths of mankind.

I could give plenty more examples, but I stop short: It is now no longer a question of accumulating scientific truths and discoveries. We need above everything to spread the truths already mastered by science, to make them part of our daily life, to render them common property.

This is what justice demands.

I say that the interests of science itself lie in the same direction. Science only makes real progress when a new truth finds a soil already prepared to receive it.


The theory of the mechanical origin of heat, though enunciated in the last century in the same terms that Hirn and Clausius formulate it today, remained for eighty years buried in the academical records until such time as knowledge of physics had spread widely enough to create an appeal to the young kropotkin public capable of accepting it.

Three generations had to go by before the ideas of Erasmus Darwin on the variations of species could be favorably received from his grandson and admitted by academical philosophers, and not without pressure from public opinion even then.

The philosopher, like the poet or artist, is always the product of the society in which he moves and teaches. But, if you are imbued with these ideas, you will understand an appeal to the young kropotkin it is above all important to bring about a radical change in this state of affairs which today condemns the philosopher to be crammed with scientific truths, and almost the whole of the rest of human beings to remain what they were five, ten centuries ago — that is to say, in the state of slaves and machines, incapable of mastering established truths.

Revolt! revolt! "an appeal to the young" / by Peter Kropotkin.

And the day when you are imbued with wide, deep, humane, and profoundly scientific truth, that day you will lose your taste for pure science. An appeal to the young kropotkin will set to work to find out the means to effect this transformation, and if you bring to your investigations the impartiality which has guided you in your scientific researches you will of necessity adopt the cause of Socialism; you.

Weary of working to procure pleasures for this small group, which already has a an appeal to the young kropotkin share of them, you will place your information and devotion at the service of the oppressed. And be sure that, the feeling of duty accomplished and of a real accord established between your sentiments and your actions, you will then find powers in yourself of whose existence you never even dreamed.

When, too, one day — it is not far distant in any case, saving the presence of our professors — when one day, I say, the change for which you are working shall have been brought about, then, deriving new forces from collective scientific work, and from the powerful help of armies of laborers who will come to place their energies at its service, science will take a new bound forward, in comparison with which the slow progress of today will appear the simple exercises of tyros.

Then you will enjoy science; that pleasure will be a pleasure for all. If you have finished reading law and are about to be called to the bar, perhaps you, too, have some illusions as to your future activity — I assume that you are one of the nobler spirits, that you know what altruism means.

To apply my whole faculties to bringing about the triumph of law, the public expression of supreme justice — can any career be nobler? Here we have a rich landowner; he demands the eviction of an appeal to the young kropotkin cotter tenant who has not paid his rent.

  • Revolt! revolt! "an appeal to the young" / by Peter Kropotkin.
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But if we look into the facts we shall learn something like this: The landlord has squandered his rents persistently in rollicking pleasure; the tenant has worked hard all day and every day.

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