Five Year Plans of India, their objectives, targets and achievements. Ensuring food and nutritional security for all 4. Containing the growth rate of population 5. Home. Government of India 5th Five Year Plan All queries regarding the Twelfth Plan document may be addressed to: Director (Plan Coordination) Planning. List of all Five Year Plans of India. First Five Year Plan: Second Five Year Plan: Third Five Year Plan: Plan Holiday: Fourth Five Year Plan: Fifth Five Year Plan: Rolling Plan: This plan was started with an annual plan for and as a continuation of the terminated fifth year plan. Sixth Five Year Plan.


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The document does not detail any schemes or allocations as it has no financial powers.

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Since it need not be approved by the Union Cabinet, its recommendations are not binding on the government. With the government having done away with the categorisation of expenditure into plan and non-plan heads, the documents of the Niti Ayog have no financial role.


They are only policy guidemaps for the government. This plan was successful and got annual growth rate of 6. Ninth Five Year Plan: It was launched in the 50th year of independence of India.

Five year Plans of India – List of Five Years Plans

Tenth Five Year Plan: This plan aims to double the per capita income of India in the next 10 years. Its growth target was 8.

Eleventh Five Year Plan: It was prepared by the C. The actual growth was 7. Eleventh Five year Plan C. Rangarajan prepares the Eleventh Five-year Plan.

The end of Five-Year Plans: All you need to know about this big policy change - The Economic Times

The main focus is for faster and more inclusive growth. Its growth rate was 8. Its Actual growth was 7. Contracts were signed to start five steel plants, which came into existence in the middle of the Second Five-Year Plan.

Five-Year Plans of India

The plan was quasi successful for the government. Second Plan — [ edit ] The Second Plan was particularly in the development of the public sector and "rapid Industrialisation". The plan followed the Mahalanobis modelan economic development model developed by the Indian statistician Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis in The plan attempted to determine the optimal allocation of investment between productive sectors in order to all 5 year plans in india long-run economic growth.

It used the prevalent state of art techniques of operations research and optimization as well as the novel applications of statistical models developed at the Indian Statistical Institute. The plan assumed a closed economy in which the main trading activity would be centred on importing capital goods.

K and West Germany respectively.

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