Ever wanted to link through to specific pages or named destinations within your PDF files? This tip from Jeremy Koadlow explains how. Big files, hundreds of named destinations that need to be set to links & bookmarks. bookmark, click Add button, click Destinations tab, double-click destination. The traditional way of creating PDF named destinations is using Adobe Acrobat. Creating PDF named destinations manually in Acrobat® is a bit more tricky than.


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I already know in advance where to put every destination after having parsed the document with a customized Listener and a PdfContentStreamProcessor, searching for a specific text marker on each page. This is a shortened version of my code: There are JavaScript commands that can create add named destination, but there is no programmatic way of creating destinations.

It means, if pages are added or deleted from PDF, bookmarks may become invalid but named destinations will remain intact.

Add subbookmarkEntry1 ; list.


add named destination Cells retrieves these external resources and renders them to Pdf file format. Now, if you do not want to load these external resources rather you want to manipulate them, you can do this using PdfSaveOptions.

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For add named destination detail, add named destination see this article. It is the same as linking to any webpage. The first step is the same as the normal linking process, just copying the link http: I'd rather be able to use something that's automatically generated than have to add named destinations to every paragraph that I want to link to.

If I do use the default FM named destinations, how do the prefixes change when you just update rather than rearrange files in a book?

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