The overhead panel is the nerve center of the aircraft systems and replaces many of the controls previously located on the flight engineers panel. the following. Any ideas why there are different color panels in the B overhead? Most of the panels are the Boeing grey but then the fuel, electrical and. B Forward Overhead Panel kit FOVH image 1 B Forward Overhead Panel kit FOVH image 2 B Forward Overhead Panel kit.


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Additional Information Product Description The Forward 737 overhead panel Panel is essential in controlling the plane hydraulic, electrical and fuel systems. All credit to Boeing for living by the theory of: I did some googling and pine wood came up.

Panel: Aviation Parts | eBay

But then I found a major importer of lightweight pine wood just around my doorstep You can do a search for "pine" on the IKEA website and it will list all the items made from pine wood. To allow flexibility of configuration, they sell it in parts, and 737 overhead panel buy what you need.

Two long posts could be cut down to form the sides of the frame, and if I can separate the wood pieces from the HEJNE shelf they are about 70cm long, perfect for the overhead panel! Fortunately they are just nailed in, so using the other end of a hammer I was able to easily pry them off.


That left me with nails sticking out of the slats The next morning can't be hammering stuff at night as I live in an apartment I rested the slats on some pieces of wood making sure there was nothing below the nailgave each nail a sharp whack with the hammer and they were then easy to pry 737 overhead panel from the other side.

It was all much easier than I thought.


I now had a good supply of wood for building the frames. The next step was to lay everything out 737 overhead panel I could get some proper measurements of what I need.


Peter's overhead Illustrator file has the panels laid out apart so that there will be some margin space that you could wrap around each panel's base material. I used this method to print out each panel onto A4 paper and then cut them to size.

Laid 737 overhead panel accordingly, they look like this: The 737 overhead panel frame box was easy enough I measured the inside length of the horizontal slats 64cm and the vertical slats at 67cm.

Of course this little memory gouge just opens the door for them to forget to say 737 overhead panel pulling the handle also arms the fire bottles. As it says in my profile though, I'm not addressing "why" Boeing did that.

The Overhead Panel

It is also one of the most interactive panels in the whole cockpit, 737 overhead panel over a hundred annunciators, eighty switches, six gauges and multiple knobs and pushbuttons.

I will look into correcting this at a later time. The on-board PANEL dimmer knob 737 overhead panel the backlighting and is turned on and off by the appropriate aircraft condition. Both the electrics and pressurization panels have working and correctly-colored segmented LED readouts.

The CPFlight overhead panel and rear cover together are quite bulky and awkward to handle, so mounting them required some special considerations.

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